Burger King Or Mcdonalds Fries?

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  1. Hello Gc, a friend of mine and I got into a debate about which restaurant has the best fries. If you do not like either of the establishments, tell of your favorite fries from anywhere, that dive bar down the street, or the abandoned building where all of the crackheads are :confused:
    Lets hear some responses
    I am a toilet

  2. McDonald's are my favorite hands down
  3. mcderples over BK, but Freddies frozen custard fries > any other fries
  4. Between bk and McDonalds fries. Id say McDonalds. If we talkin burgers i say bk.
    But my favorite fries is any homemade style place, this local place called lubuus. The fries are bomb and they hook it up fat.
  6. arbys curly fries tops all
  7. id say i cchoose five guys or checkers(rally's) over mcd or bk
  8. I find mcdonalds fries too crispy and BK's all soggy, Arbys curly fries are just perfect i love that shit, extremely bad for you though. 
    Personally if im craving some fries i'll just make mash potatoes and gravy, i'll enjoy the fuck out of my insane calories thank you very much.
    On another note, arbys burgers are among the fucking best, extra beef, no cheese go fuck yourself i love that shit, my buddy's girl worked there and would send him with 10 loaded roast beef sandwiches, fucking delicious. 
  9. I know you all have fry opinions keep em coming :hello:
  10. Md fries. But for a meal i would prefer a frosty from wendys. McDonalds fries to dip in the frosty of course and a double western bacon cheese burger from carls jr.

    Ill be back in an hour or so
    I'm going to where the pretty flowers grow

  12. Wendy's natural cut fries are best fast food fries.
  13. Sheetz fries beat all. 
  14. Your all mad. BK beats alllll.
  15. alright a little controversy
  16. BK 》

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  17. Mcdonalds fries are so perfect. Man i could kill so many of those everyday. So bad for you though lol
  18. maccas fries > Burger King.
    but Burger King has onion rings so fuck maccas.
    Oporto chips > both
    KFC chips 10 years ago > EVERYTHING
    (kfc chips now < everything :(  )
  19. Well if I had to choose between the 2 I'd go with BK. Ronnie's steak house has treated me wrong too many times...

    I prefer arby's curly along with all the other sensible people here. :D

    I also fucking loove going into A&W and getting a frosty mug rootbeer float and an order of chili cheese fries.
  20. Checkers iron Rallys. Lol.
    But BK fries>McDonalds fries.
    At bk get the onion ring dipping sauce and put your fries in it you won't regret it

    Awesome Opossum


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