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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by SoCalStoner, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. found some. are they used recreational or anything? any of u used them before? worth anything? what the effect ( or the high maybe) from them? anything would be helpful thanks guys
  2. Well it isn't really recreational, and can cause erectile dysfunction so i really wouldn't take them unless you need them.
  3. k thanks lol
  4. I've heard that it is possible to get high off of bupropion (an amphetamine?), but I've never heard of it being sold on the streets or anything.
  5. Meh, I've experimented with it before, no real recreactional value. I was young and dumb, looking for another high. Disappointed the young me was.
  6. Won't get you feeling anything but weird, and spaced out. At least thats what it did to me Certainly not anything your looking for on boring sober days
  7. Won't get you high physically, but it can uplift your mood; make ya more optimistic... but that's a stretch... in other words... they aren't recreational.

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