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bunnyrabbitz pickups update frequently *(lots of pics, pickups, videos, and more)*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Bunnyrabbitz, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Going to make QWISO hash soon.
  2. IMG_0198.jpg

    Before bed bowl. :smoking:
  3. IMG_0200.jpg

    First bowl of day.

    Making hashish. :smoking:
  4. Do you roll filters for your joints? I'd roll filters for those joints, son...
  5. Nah, dont need them I make my own mouthpiece out of the paper.
  6. [ame=]Taking a hit of reefer - YouTube[/ame]
  7. IMG_0213.jpg

    My very first batch of hashish.

    Super Silver Haze QWISO Hashish
  8. Smoking a joint vid

    [ame=]Smoking joints mang - YouTube[/ame]
  9. Nice thread bro, everyone is saying you need work on your rolling skills but it doesn't really matter how it looks to a certain point as long as it burns slowly and evenly. Especially if you are having it alone, keep it up and you will be great at it eventually. That Super Silver Haze pickup looks awesome too, I wish I had 15g of that to myself right now.

    Stay high :bongin:

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