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bunnyrabbitz pickups update frequently *(lots of pics, pickups, videos, and more)*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Bunnyrabbitz, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Fuck yeah man. Nice nugs!:smoke:
  2. Winter tea and some tree.

  3. IMG_0573.jpg


    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Ice Tea, Weed, and Grasscity. :smoking:
  4. ^ Deadly combination. This guy means business. :bongin:
  5. Your so close to me!!! Pass that!:smoking:
    Upgrade your paper to either Club or Elements inch & 1/4. What a taste difference.
    OG Kush

    Attached Files:

  6. Lethal. :smoking:

    Come through and we'll spark it!
  7. We don't need no stinkin rolling machines!

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  8. Sorry but I can't fuc*** attach multiple pics! Freakin IPad!

    Attached Files:

  9. Nice and all tucked into place..

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  10. I like to fill the entire paper up.. Get the right size paper.! That Rizzle shizzle is like smoking out of a brown paper bag:smoking:

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  11. Very nice. How close by are you?

  12. 20-25 min near the Verrazano

  13. Come through to Yonkers and we'll light an L sometime.
  14. #214 Bunnyrabbitz, Feb 16, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 16, 2013
    Two types of "Sour" from two people.

    3.5 Grams of #1 Sour


    Bowl pack of #2 Sour



    Little under a dub of #2 Sour



    24.5 Grams of #1 Sour


  15. [ame=]First bong hit video - YouTube[/ame]

    Had to redo youtube video channel.

    First video on the new channel.
  16. looks like some decent nuggets man, and i'd agree if your havin trouble makin perfect planes everytime grab a joint roller while you practice, not the BEST doobs out there, but nice and straight all day long.

    roll up bro
  17. image-2538081201.jpg

    Nickel bag of dank.
  18. [ame=]No Name Dank Bong Hit - YouTube[/ame]

    No-name dank bong hit.

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