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  1. You know what this means: NAZI ALIENS!
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  3. Man, I can't believe people are throwing a temper tantrum over that. it's not like teh architects all got together and said "Hey, let's make a fuckin' swastika building, man! " It was clearly built that way so it could have four courtyards. Man, people really like to make a big deal out of nothing for no reason.

  4. yeah tell me about it, this thing is ridiculuos, and people say that before the nazi's used that symbol it meant something else, but i thought they took some asian ancient symbol for harmony and flipped it to mean chaos. . .
    either way, it's ridiculous that no one caught on to something in the blue prints, the only reason why its coming up now is because google earth!!
  5. I was told from a couple people that the Swastika was used to symbolize peace and love.

    If not they it meant something along those lines..at least nothing close to what the Nazi's turned it into.

    And the reason people make a big deal about it is because, some of us have had family members in those wars, died there or came back, its just offensive.

    Wouldn't you be offended if there was a person walking around with a Pro-Terrorism shirt on?
    Or let alone something mocking a religion or belief of yours and many others?

    Thats just my way of explaining why its a big deal, to me at least.

  6. yeah, I mean sometimes it's "cool" to not give a shit, but sometimes it's better to respect people. The inverted swastika meant peace.
  7. Uh, OP....why?
  8. Not sure, I know the people who did it, and I'm not trying to get them introuble for that. It's probably a prank, but a damn good one. People around here aren't like that to really mean it.
  9. Thats lame, although the perfect prank. Who would expect stoners to do that? We never leave our couches right? except to get weed and munchies of course.:smoke:

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