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  1. ok im starting my first grow this summer (im in the last week of school now) and id like to have it done before september...
    1. I came across an old 400w MH street light, would it be any good for growing seeing as the bulb isnt made for growing?:confused: i only have a webcam but ill take pics tomorrow anyway;)

    2. im going to be trying to grow hydro, the only fert i have is superthrive, and i dont have a credit card so i cant order online:(. ive been seeing u guys recommend bloodmeal for vegging and bonemeal for flowering but is it any diferent for hydro?(best things for me would be things i can get at wally world or lowes)...

    3. the room i plan on growing in gets as low as 50 degrees F now, i have a space heater that has a built in thermostat but should i need it?

    4. if i end up with like 3 different ferts to add with water should i pre mix it by the gallon then add to the res. or just dump them in and hope all goes well?

    5. would the 400w MH street light 4 42w compact floro's and 2 14" 35w aquarium lights be enough to veg and flower without any problems (im growing 6 plants in 5 gallon buckets)

    6. is there a proven best way to germinate, i just put the seeds in a wet paper towel and put them in a baggie so they dont dry out...

    Edit: 7. i have a bunch of scrap plexiglass, could i put it between my plants and the light to stop heat from getting to them and to make a nice even canopy, the plants would grow sideways instead of up right...? if u can't imagine what this looks like just ask and ill show u my 1337 mspaint skillz

    sorry if im asking alot i want to make sure i have everything set up right before i start (ive see grows die because of lack of planning)...
    another thing, this is my second grow in a way, i tryed to grow with some incandesnt grow bulbs from wallyworld a while back but ditched it when i had to move in the beginning of may:rolleyes::eek:

    im not sure of the strain im growing yet, all i have as of now is some nice dank bagseed.
    i no im prolly leaving a ton of stuff out, me being high and all, but i will post more questions come tomorrow, thanks in advance for the help guys. ur really all i have to help me with this:wave:
  2. all those lights will def. be enuff to veg and flower. you'll only need the 4 60w flouros to veg 6 plants. I reccomend that is, if your not growing wit fem seeds then u need to plant atleast 10 seeds becuz you don't want to be stuck with only 2 females after only planting 6 seeds. Actually I would also throw in that mh in there too becuz if it gets as low as 50 degrees your gonna need something to keep those seedlings warm. Keep the light about 6-7 inches above them.
    As for germinating, keep them in a cup of warm water. for two to 3 days keep an i on them tho, when the shell cracks put them in a moist growing medium and put them under a light. water wen dry
  3. since this is getting like no reply's i might just move it to indoor drowing, does anyone mind?
  4. thanks for all the help chrome, ive figured out a few more ansers to these questions on my own but theres still 2 more...
    1. what are some good hydro ferts i could get localy (no hydro shop here)
    2. if i put a peice of plexiglass over my plants would they spread out when they hit it and kinda work like LST...?
    edi: 3. i have no form of ventilation in the future grow room, but it was used as a veggie celler or somthing (used to keep vegtables cold before the days of the fridge) (stays at 60 degrees during the day without lights on, ill have temps with lights tomorrow) should it be ok?
  5. i wouldnt put the glass over your plants, just tie them down,
  6. Plants still need fresh co2 to survive
  7. thats what i was worried about does anyone have any ideas that dont involve me cutting any holes in the door of completely cement walls or ceiling....? ;)
  8. You need to get air from somewhere, if the door is your only option then work with it or consider finding a new spot.
  9. lets see these 1337 ms paint skillz. :D
  10. [​IMG]
    Red = Ballest (its in a toolbox)
    Yellow = Light
    Black = Spacers
    Plant = Plant:rolleyes:

    ohhh look at them skills :smoking::cool:

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