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    In the middle of the bottom of my right foot there are 4 bumps and they are bigger than warts and just popped up? Can anyone help Im in shock...haha...:eek::confused::confused_2: View C5U3TY.png on ScreenSnapr
  2. pics brah.

    we're doctors:cool:
  3. thats fucking gross dude. wash your feet and see a doctor.
  4. I'm not a doctor, but it's probably Aspergers.
  5. My camera isnt here right now I will try to take a photo, and I also wash my feet everyday and shower twice a day so how could this happen??.....im thinking it happened while I was skateboarding because my shoes are worn down on the bottom and my feet have been hurting lately...
  6. herpies bro, chill with the foot fetish shit
  7. That's ADHD man, get yourself checked out.
  8. Yup. AIDS
  9. Lupus.....

    OR you know it could be warts of some sort? But a doctor could tell you whats happening. They might even be able to give you something or preform small surgery to remove the bumps!
  10. Guys, chill..

    its chlamydia
  11. warts.... ew.....
  12. that looks like OG kush man
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    Did I tell you I like turtles?
  14. op ritualistically pees in the shower.
  15. Looks like poison ivy or something to me. I would just not touch it in case it's spreads lol.
  16. OP's mom went to college
  17. They're just verrucas...
    I used to have 'em, don't leave 'em or they spread like fuck.
    You gotta get this weird cream shit for 'em 'n they disappear. Nothing to worry about.:smoke:

  18. O.O

    After reading this, I looked at the bottom of my feet without realizing it.....

  19. brb gotta vomit :)
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