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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by eatinbyaretic, Oct 19, 2003.

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  1. Heres where we begin this thread, high as hell the voices in my head screamin at me to pick up the pipe, load that straight green plannin on gettin more f*cked up to my delight, this green-hit is for the first one in the thread tonight....................speak your mind no need for anyone to be mean alright?

    Problems with your moms and pops not lovin the weed?
    Anything, anybody, anywhere, whats going on???
  2. I am out of pot, and I am unable to dip into my dad\'s stash, so I have been thinking about smoking some cigs, should I feel dirty?
  3. First off, if your dad is gonna catch you \"dippin\" into his stash one of these days and its going to cause more trouble for you. I wouldnt feel dirty about smoking. But nicotine will hook you. Look at me smoked one cigarette at 13 and i smoke a pack a day now and im 20. If you dont smoke cigs already and your just looking for that lil buzz then dont smoke em. Just call a homie ask for them to smoke you out. hope that helps.
  4. Fuck I made that sound like I was going to steal form my dad, that made me sound like a bad person, I just ask and that is what he says when I ask, so man I am off thanks for the advice,
  5. no problem, i use to take my dads change back in the day so what can i say? lol I just make sure i learn from my own mistakes
  6. Word to the wise - if I find out my kids are stealing from me they get thier ass kicked. If they were stealin\' my smoke I\'d be really pissed. If I thought he wouldn\'t be braggin\' to his buddie about it or gettin .......... I don\'t know - this is really a war for me. I feel like a hypocrite for telling them that they can\'t do somethin\' but if I let it go on then I\'m a parent who is contributing to the delinquency of MY minor. Very delicate situation. I\'m sure the oldest boy has smoked pot before I can only stress to him how he shouldn\'t do it a lot - preferably not at all.
  7. damn jo be keepin the kids in check, im glad to hear that in a way. My parents would have done the same thing. However dont really kick there ass because then if word gets out youll be going to jail. be careful jo, i wish you the best of luck

    *edit ......Theres more people on the city right now, come on you all WHATS ON YOUR MINDS???

  8. Football..... giants 10- eagles 7 8 minleft in the 4th cliamx of game ...ginats in red zone.... thats whats on my mind.....

    Go giants....! :D

    Edit: Fuck Redzone fumble...eagles recover... there go those thoughts.....:(
  9. whats on my mind...?

    creepy crawly little thing that keep me up at night ...

    great big funky things that keep me in bed in the morrning

    skiny twisted fuckers who keep me in the doctors chair...

    burning unrelentless basterds inside my stumuk...

    driping cold memorys sliding down my spine...

    and dreams of all the things i thought id be...

    crashing down opon who i am......
  10. I wanna rock the box :p

  11. Lmao damn gravy......Im a steelers fan from cincinnati crazy huh? Im rooting for the raiders on monday night. I have a case of budlight bet on it
  13. Ill rock it when you stop betting for budlight lol ;)
  14. lmao ill pass then, budlight before women

  15. might as well bet for water... :D

    are you a badfish too?
  16. lol gotta have the 40 o to freedom

    *edit im gettin caught up in this norml webpage and then ima draw or write so im out for a while........im out like a bowl thats cashed......in style biatchhhhhhhhh

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