Bump n grind.

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  1. I think that's the proper name for this specific kind of dance. Talking about that dance where the chick is grinding on the dudes nuts to the beat of the song, usually rap or hip pop.

    So my question is for the bladies. As a dude, do you want us to stand there like a pole and let you grind on dis rock hard boner or should we be moving our hips to the movement of your ass?

    Like should your ass and my dick area be in unison? I've always been curious. Hopefully I've been doing it right lol.
  2. lol yes u should move ur hips to the gyration of her ass , it's suppose to look like y'all having sex that's why she is bent over doggy style riding yo lap .. :0)
  3. Brb lemme google gyration real quick.
  4. Phew... I've been doing it right.

    Got a story.

    Got sooper high with my buddies my junior year. Came back to the dance party going on at his house. I started dancing with this chick and I think it was cuz I was high but I remember bumping my head into the back of her head several times...
  5. when in doubt, seek the wisdom of pretty ricky

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdJtw7vS1E8]Pretty Ricky - Grind With Me (music video) - YouTube[/ame]
  6. haha i remember I was wondering the same thing my freshman year during the homecoming dance after we won the first game of the year
  7. I hate when guys just stand there and dont dance back... Its like Im giving a guy a standing lap dance. Thats not what I want. Its kind of pervy to just stand there. I always walk away when that happens.
  8. How can you be over 18 and not know how to grind with a girl? You're supposed to learn that shit in middle school before your balls drop...

  9. sorry for asking to make sure i was doing it right
  10. Why are you apologizing? I was just cracking a joke. Next time just look at what all the other guys are doing.
  11. I'd rather ask here then stare at other dudes who are possibly dancing wrong.

    I haven't had a girl walk off so I assumed I've been doing it correctly. Just wanted confirmation
  12. Huh? Staring at other dudes? It's kind of impossible not to see how other guys are dancing when you are looking for a girl to dance with. If the majority of guys are doing it a certain way, it's most likely the right way. Especially if the girls aren't walking away from them. If girls aren't walking away from you then you must be doing something right....
  13. Some people paint wonderful master pieces. Some people draw tits and cocks. This is how I view beautiful dancing compared to grind dancing.

    It is fun though.
  14. Lololo the kid indeed
  15. OP just wants to stomp the yard.
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    Ahah! Yeah man that's what dancing is now a days! And i dig it!

    I mean, sometimes its cool to just get funky and do your own thing with good music, but usually if i'm with a girl i have a different attitude and just do the grind thing. Or i mean she does. Ahah, i'll usually just grab her hips, but then i realize that it looks like i'm fucking her doggie style so i look around and see what other people are doing, to find out they're all doing the same thing xD.

    So i'll just start biting her ear, and slip the tongue right in.

    Ahah. Jk.

    But seriously man, i usually just stand there and move with her until she gets tired and takes me off the dance floor :p .

    Funny story actually.

    The first time i went to a college party, it was in this huge dark basement with a ton of black lights, a bar, and a dj table at the edge of the room.

    It was kind of like a rave but with slower music that you could actually dance to, if you could picture it.

    I remember it being so hot, so dark, and so crowded, that you could only see to the next 5 people who were in front of you.

    I walked up to the bar, i had lost my friends, and as i walked up to the bar there was all sorts of people just taking shots, and they asked me if i wanted some.

    I said sure, and they gave me two, and after that they gave me 2 more rounds!

    So six shots in less than 2 mins got me pretty buzzed up, i then proceeded to get out of the crowded room because i felt kinda cramped and the buzz was pretty strong.

    As i got out of that room there was a line of like 4 booth tables, and there was a really cute chick just sitting there alone, so i sat down in my strong buzziness, and i asked " hi what's your name" she told me, and i told her mine, and i immediately asked "want to dance" Her face lit up, and she took my arm and dragged me to the dance floor!

    The whole grinding thing went on for about five mins and i was really buzzed up so i just started rubbing her :D , and then (here's the funny part)

    She says "come with me" literally takes me like 5 steps away to the side of the wall were it looks like it was made to have chicks basically dry fuck you on the side of the wall.

    Let me explain,

    The lights of the dj table took away from where this wall was, so that made it really dark, there was this railing that the guy could just lean on, and it was soft and felt good, and the girls would just grind on the guys dicks against this wall!

    Let me tell you guys: i was going to town, haha, i had her skirt up above her hips, i was kissing her neck, rubbing her down, just going crazy, and the best part about it was that i was doing it in public, like i could see all these people dancing, and here i was in the blackness of the room, unseen, but still just going crazy on this chick.

    I was having such a great time doing it, and realizing i was doing it, i had to actually tell myself to keep focused.

    Haha! There where actually other sets of chicks with guys next to me doing the same thing, it was like i noticed them, but didn't look over or anything. We (the guys) probably all noticed each other and probably were all thinking the same thing "hell yeah". Ahah!

    I really wanted to fuck, but i wasn't that drunk and i figured i really didn't feel like possibly getting herpes or who knows what from this girl that i didn't even know.

    But isn't that whole set up awesome?? Best party ever man, i'd do it again too..

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