Bummer :(

Discussion in 'General' started by LittleToker, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. I just lost my zippo. That was my gift to myself for my surgery, too. I tried to be a "good student" and save the weed for after my work is done, and what do I find? No lighter. I bet I left it outside when I was smoking my cig and someone found it. :(
  2. oh i thought you meant a zip well nvm i don't care anymore.

    EDIT: I mean :(
  3. Matches? Blow torch? Rub two sticks together? Drive to the store?
  4. I'm not saying I can't still light shit, but I really loved that lighter
  5. i know how you feel dude. except i didn't lose mine i had them taken. Had 2 really nice ones and i wa gonna give my uncle one but i wanted to let him pick so i brought both lighters with me. I had 2 zippo lighters in a side pouch on my luggage and one of the guards took them out. Why? "Because the pressure change would cause them to explode"

    Fucking idiots theres no pressure in zippos. and you wanna know the funny part? Once i was on the plane i was feeling around inside my pocket for my chapstick and you know what the fuck i found? A Bic. Great job security, Great job.
  6. ^^ that's fucked dude, I'm sorry to hear that :/

  7. Oh I see. I'm sorry, that really sucks :(
  8. Could have been worse.
    Was at a party, this piss drunk asshole stumbles into my buddies dead uncles bong that he gave to him on his deathbed.

    Needless to say, the shit was kicked out of him.

    bummer, though. It sucks losing things.

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