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  1. They just cashed 800 kg of hash on the border to Norway :(

    I just hope our dealer wasn\'t depending on that shipment...damn 800 kg...that\'s enough supply for the whole of Norway for a few months
  2. that\'s a major bummerooskie, what are the penalties in norway for growing?
  3. Growing? Dunno...outdoor is pretty safe, we tryed it lol, but it\'s too could and not enough sun here...indoor...a grand, I would guess.

    But the guys were smuggling. Police said they\'d been following\'em for a while. They arrested 18 so far.
  4. Ouch...that sucks. Maybe some hash still got through though...
  5. Sucks man. I have a buddy in the coast guard and they bust big weed and coke shipments sometimes comming in from latian america. Whenever its dry, i always blame it on him.

    I would just like to see 800kg of hash. i bet it is beautiful.
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