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Bummer, dealer has left!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Smoking Buddah, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. My dealer has moved to Toledo, that like 2 hours away from where i live, so now i have to ask every one who they get from.... i hate doing this because most of the time they wont tell me for security reasons. Oh well, its only like 3 more months untill my California Gold is done growing!!!!!
  2. Tough break. It's all good though, you'll find a new dealer to get ya past the next three months. Then its easy street from there buddy.
  3. My endless pattern-
    harvest, go dry 3 weeks later, wait 3 months, rinse and repeat. Sucks moving and losing all of your connects.
  4. I dont see the problem .... go to your local busstatio nand ask around I bet you any money that ull find somebody
  5. That happened to me in like September...I had 2 dealers. One stopped dealing and the other got like the same time. So it was a bitch grabbin weed for a couple of weeks, but its all good now.
  6. dude im goin through the exact same thing right now. and i live close to toledo too man. thats crazy. but my dealer is just bein a dick and not comin around ne more and i cant get ahol dof him. hes a little bitch though cus he always trys to rip me off so im not to worried about finding a new dealr cus i been needing one neways.
  7. My most trusted and bestest friend dealer moved to fuckin Virginia. :( :(

    I live in fuckin Buttfuck, MN so I have a hard time findin someone new, specially that I can trust.

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