Bummed the fuck out

Discussion in 'General' started by SwagCaleb, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Man, just packed my last bowl & went out to my secret spot to smoke. took the first hit, then looked down & the wind blew it allllll away:(
  2. Aw maaaaan.

    In times like these you just gota pack another...
  3. man that sucks
  4. Wow so sorry to here that I've spilled last of mine before I know how you feel
  5. Know how you feel dude. Was outside once, my friend holding a paper out while I was filling it (I was going to take it off him to roll it) and when it was just filled with a fuckload of weed, the guy sneezes and the weed just flies fucking everywhere. We were destroyed because it was our last joint too.
  6. That's the fuckin worst
  7. Your location is cool, man.
  8. Awe dude!
  9. Shit man, rookie mistake lol That's happened to me more than once.
  10. Aye man cheer up.
    Think about all the people who are weedless in the world.
    You're blessed cuz.
  11. I aint got no bud niether man.resin?

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