Discussion in 'General' started by ubik, May 7, 2003.

  1. Anyone seen this movie!!!! Insane! it's very well done but the subject is more than strange, there's people beating the shit out of each other and bums being drunk and doing weird things, drinking piss thinking it's beer and then saying "yeah the beer was very good, if you have more I could take another one" etc. check it out at www.bumfights.com
  2. i heard bum fighting was where someone offered two bums a huge meal or something but only the winner of a fight would get it. i heard they get real crazy! while i think its a funny idea, i also think its kinda cruel.......

  3. whoa.. that was pretty fucked up
  4. You can get it off imesh or kazaa, i got the entire movie and watch it a lot, its hilarious
  5. thats one of the worst things i have ever seen in my entier live..
  6. bumfights is fucking awesome.

    I have to apologize for my previous comments, i had only seen bits of it... I saw it in full and all I have to say it's horrible... how can people be so cruel against each other? it seems to me that it's made by some rich kids who think they're the "real thing" and the elit of the world. Sad, sad and disgusting, OK Bling bling was "funny"´, the fights were somewhat funny but the film in whole was disgusting, arrrggghhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate that kind of attitude against other people, they're HUMANS!!!!
    OMG im so sorry for you...exploitation.Fuck with your own middle class selfs you fucks, aint nice.FUCKING EVIL!No problems with people gettin' hurt, but a dime for fucking yer sekf up is just EVIL.I FUCKING HATE THOSE CUNTS (indecline inc.).. Don't flame UBIK for this shit but I don't like it either..
    peace and hallucinogens for you all..
  9. lol, bumb fights. lol
  10. i havent seen the 2nd one but the first one wasnt all that great... 90% of the fights werent even with bums, it just looked like they spliced in random fighting videos they found.

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