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So have you ever lied on here?

  1. I am a good little squirrel- lying is WRONG!!

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  2. Ok I tend to exaggerate a little/Change stories to include myself

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  3. I lie a fair bit but not all the time.

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  1. Ok I just wanted to know how many times you've spoken a little bullshit from time to time at the city? Myself- I don't really bullshit ever unless it's to save my ass from a fate worse than death. Give me your opinions...
  2. I've never really liiieddd, but I have exagerated a few times.. Deffinately not bullshittin yall ..
  3. whew! never! lol I love being my true self to ya'll!
  4. Like Critter. What you see is what you get. If you met me you would already know me from posting here.
  5. You think I could make this shit up?????
  6. nah not really..

    from time to time I may say I just smoked 3 great blunts, when I really just smoked 2 blunts and a junt, but tahts the extent of my lying ;P
  7. Nah, there's no reason to BS on the city... Everyone's cool here and enough wierd shit happens in my life that I don't have to lie to come up with something interesting.. :)
  8. i was allways taught that you have to have a really good memory to be a good liar......."so that's my chances of being a good liar, right out the window!!"......Peace out....Sid
  9. i dont even need to exagurate.
    an okie stole, an i mean stole my line!
    theres no WAY i could make this krap up.

  10. I have no reason to lie about anything. I also don't respect liars and I'm all about self-respect...so, there you go.

    This is me! You miss out on some of my sarcasm because without hearing the tone of my voice, you might not get it and you miss out on the hysterical laughter that some of you cause...on a daily basis! Smilies, sadly, don't come with sound effects! Other than that, what you see is me.

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