bullshit probation problem

Discussion in 'General' started by superbeastly, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. okay so i just got a job afew weeks ago and my shedule conflics with my probation checkup. but every time call the po office i keeeep trying to ger ahold of her and no luck. i leave messages and shit but still no response!and im supposed to check up tomorow but i cant cuz im working.what will happen if i dont sho even tho ive been tryin to change it??iz that a violation ? thats is sum BS
  2. That is a tough situation, maybe try going into the offices instead of calling. I know that you definitely shouldn't miss your check up tomorrow, it's more important than missing a little work. Good luck fixing that situation and congrats on the new job! :cool:
  3. Keep calling or go down there. They wont issue a warrant If you're attempting to contact and leaving meesages and rescheduling. I guarentee the bitch will be available when you're supposed to be in the office. Although, people that are PO's are probably the most unintelligent motherfuckers i've dealt with in my life. Except the dmv.
  4. i got my work schedule changed:-D
  5. NO. As long as you leave them a voicemail within 24 hours and attempt to reschedule your visit you cannot be violated if they don't return your call.

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