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  1. So ok, heres the run down. I work at a Sonic. I'm sure most of you know what sonic drive-in is. Well I'm a carhop there, making sorry ass $3/hr. Add in what I should make in tips, it should be around $8-15+/hr. There are a lot of shoulds when it comes to me and that store. A raise would be one. I should get one, I honestly should for how much I bust my ass there. But I don't. Instead, the sorry people do, and promotions. I'm not trying to sound big headed or anything, I mean as God as my witness, I have really earned myself a raise at least.

    And like I said, I should make anywhere from $8-15+/hr. But do I? No. Obviously I work off tips, whats 3 bucks an hour going to get me. On a good day, I should average atleast $30 in pocket when I walk out the door. I mean.. everyone else does.. actually they take home $40 or more. But take me for example.. I'm a WHOLE different story. I get fucked out of so much money, it's not even funny. I'm happy to go home with $20 most days. Seriously. That's half of what I should make. But the days, like today, when I leave with fucking 5 bucks on me.. it's fucking insane. It's not that I don't make the money, its that some stingy motherfucker steals my money. This is happened more times that I can count on my hands. It would make sense to quit, but it has taken me months to find a new job, and I still have to wait a month until I get it. But I'll be starting out at this new job at $8/hr.

    But man, I'm am so sick of this shit. Money is one those things of mine that you don't fuck with. My car too. If I ever catch anyone fucking with either of them, I will beat the ever living shit out of them.

    No real point of this post.. other than to let off some steam.. now I'm going to go smoke a blunt, think things over, and maybe get an idea of whats going on.

  2. i feel ur pain man but atleast u got a job .. ) things will get better liek u said one more month
  3. fuck knows what i get an hour, they sed i get one, my payslip said more, but i dunno if they were right and they just put wrong amount on the slip or what. i dunno either, i just stand there, every now and then serve someone. and every now and them the manager sez "if ur not working tidy up" so i do, till its tidy within a 1 meter radius, then i stand some more lol. ido acculy like my job., not what i do. the fact i dont have to do it mch :p

    but that osunds bad man.
  4. Ask for a raise, if they don't give you one start looking for a new job, if you get hired, put in your two weeks at Sonic.

    Working with food sucks. I need to get away from it.
  5. HIGH All, what's your mimium wage where you are? Ours in BC is 8.50 a hr. People that steal are Parasites and I have no use for them. Me I would have lost that job for shit kicking the Parasite who stole from me.

  6. the ole boot in the ass trick works every time..

    The minimum wage in the states is still 5.65 an hour..
  7. ^^ I thought it was $5.15/hr? Maybe it's changed, dunno.

    I asked for a raise once, and I got some bullshit responce back in return. No complete bullshit.. just.. I don't know. You have to know my boss, he's cool as shit, but straight to the point too. He doesn't like to tolerate bullshit, but he bullshits all the time, just never at the wrong times. He's clever as a mofo too, and if you think you've done something right, he will find something wrong. It's hard to explain how he is. Other than trickey.

    I do have a new job lined up though.. didn't I mention this before.. yes. NM
  8. If you're in america then $3 an hour is definitely below minimum wage no matter what state you're in. If you're telling the truth you could easily sue them for paying you that crap salary.
  9. no.. you don't understand. I'm a waiter. minimum wage for waiters is like $2/hr or something. But I get 3.
  10. I suppose it may be different for part time work but I've never heard of different minimum wages for different jobs, can anyone confirm this?
  11. wouldn't get away wioth it here in the U.K......the minimum wage is approx £4.50, that's nearly $9 an hour.........even for part time employees........Peace out..........Sid

    if i were you, i'd kick up shit, your boss sounds like what we call in Scotland, "A Chancer"...........if he gets away with it. he'll keep on doing it, go to your local govt buildings, and ask there what the minimum wage is...........

  12. Yeah, minimum wage for servers is $2.83 an hour. That's what I made working at Denny's, plus a dollar shift differential (3rd shift). But technically, if you're not making at least 5.15 an hour after you factor in tips, your employer has to pay you the difference. (As long as you are reporting your tips.)
  13. ^^ we don't report in tips.
  14. Tipped employees have a lower minimum wage. Im a busboy and the waitresses tip out to me. They have to report their tips, i dont :D. Anyhow, minimum wage changes state to state. In massachusetts its 6.75 but in NH its under 6 bucks i think. Sucks cuz all the good stores are just over the border, since us northern Mass people like to tax evade hehe
  15. get a new job
  16. minimum wage in the us for non-gratuity employees is $5.15. For gratuity jobs (i.e. server) it's $2.13. I was earning $2.13 and cracker barrel until I became a Par I and worked my way all the way up to a whopping $2.19. And you know, I know someone at the sonic by the high school I used to go to that made like $6 an hour plus tips.
  17. $6/hr is starting out wage for cooks at sonic. If he made tips, he helped people run food out and took the money he made from that. Sonic is f'd up, they have to keep labor cost down at like.. 23%, and having a carhop getting paid $6/hr would rape the labor %age. Then again, maybe he got hooked up.
  18. Federal Minimum Wage for the USA is $5.15/hr. Waiters/Waitresses Minimum Wage for the USA is something like $2.75/hr (because it's assumed that they'll get tips which will make up for the rest...*cough*BULLSHIT*cough*).

    Individual states can set their own minimum wages above the federal mandate. And don't forget that your wage does not equal your take-home pay!
  19. nope federal for jobs with gratuity is $2.13. Trust me. Some states have it higher. My brother is now working at steak and shake and is making that plus tips (which are shit for him). I was making that plus tips which came out to about $10 an hour for a lot of bull shit at home and 6 or 7 an hour at school, still with a lot of bullshit so I found the easiest job in the world. I only get paid $6.75 an hour, but there's absolutely no stress in my job ever.
  20. Thats the only thing i like about working in california, wether your a waiter, busser, hostes, driver, you make 6.75 no mattter what, i just got a new job as a busser at a super fancy/expensive restuarant

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