Bullet proof backpacks

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    Yes they are real and selling like hot cakes. After the shooting last week parents have been buying there kids bulletproof backpacks.
    So the backpack keeps you safe from attacks from the rear but wouldnt you be more likly to get shot in the front?
    What if thet just made bullet proof school uniforms then you would be safe from all directions.

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  2. Lol @ attacks from the rear.
  3. lol just reread and it remind me of this
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KfaYbzVTcQ]Meet The Spartans - Oracle - YouTube[/ame]
  4. i guess the procedure would be to turn around or use it as a shield, but this is pretty out there imo :bongin:
  5. Sounds expensive
  6. We need kevlar skin and armed guards everywhere.
  7. Any of you older heads remember fall-out shelters? At least, these are cheaper!
  8. I guess the plan would be to run from the shooter not go towards
  9. no, you can use the backpack as a shield,, duh....
  10. and that's terrible they are traumatizing there kids like that, saying they need a bulletproof backpack.

  11. ICE (In case of emergency), you obviously take off said backpack, and use it as a shield.
  12. Well your not expecting to get shot if a shooter appears your not gonna hve time to take off your backpack and use it a a shield. But i guess you can turn around real quick.

  13. Well at least you'd have a chance. :confused_2:
  14. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poDLjwSmaW0]Jim slaps Dwight - YouTube[/ame]
  15. Well yeah but a wouldnt a shooter most likely attack you from the front?
  16. actually nevermind that was stupid if i were going to attack i would go for the back. I already had knowledge of the back pack so i would alter my plan of attack. If i didnt know about the back pack i would go fo the back......well actually i wouldnt attack children at all
  17. Wow. Scary to think ur kid needs a bullet proof back pack lolol
  18. Anything can happen all I am saying is that's what the backpack would be more useful for. Don't you think taking off the backpack and using it as a shield is a little much lol..
  19. yeah it might save your life at first but when the shooter see you still moving and not bleeding hes going to walk up and put one into your head and those mother fucker are heavy as hell

  20. Lmao.....duck.....and cover.

    Only way to beat a nuke!!!

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