'Bullet' Pipes

Discussion in 'General' started by Frog, Jun 14, 2001.

  1. Hi Guys,
    Im mostly into fungus but do have the occassional 'puff' of all sorts of bit and bobs...usually with a bong or foil.

    This is probably a daft question...One of those 'bullet pipes' fell into my lap yesterday (you know the 3", 2 piece brass jobbies with a chamber inside, mouthpiece at one end and small hole at the other).
    How the fuck do I use one of these little guys??
    I take it I need to cut a gauze and place into the mouth-piece half...but what about the pure compound or resin...where does that go...how do I heat it??
    Sounds dim I know but I have never used one before...just need a bit of advice and a few 'pointers' :confused:
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  2. i'm a bit out there right now but i'll take a stab...

    is this "bullet pipe" your talking about resemble a small dildo? has your four basic parts.. the bowel, the pipe itself (the skinny thing that you screw into the head of the bullet), the head of the bullet, and the larger pipe that is the actually body of the bullet.

    if it is you can make like at least three different types of pipes out of those.. and as for resin, it's all over you just got to clean it with a hanger or something.. bout all i can think of..
  3. are you talking about this pipe? [​IMG]

    the bullet twist off and the bottom twist off into the bowl. put it together so it looks like this:

  4. Its more like the bullet shaped one...although it is more of a bomb shape
    It hasn't got any type of bowl to screw in.
    Its called a 'Zepplin pipe' (pipe D) it was free from http://www.highnoon.cc/ under 'free pipe'

    Trust me to pick a bloody difficult one :rolleyes:

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  5. Yeah...thats the one :D

    Someone pleaseeeee tell me how to use it :confused:
  6. basically, you unscrew it, pack the bud in the chamber snugly and then screw it back on again. dont pack it so tight that you cant suck it or get the top back on. after that put it in your mouth. when you suck, your breath will draw the flame inside. if it stays lit you just suck 'till its kicked. ;)

    im pretty sure but i was baked and tripping at the time as i am now
    :D :D

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  7. Oh...brilliant :)

    Thanks for your help guys, you have been life savers :D
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  8. another ganja emergency neatly averted :D
  9. dont smoke out of bulet th egunpowder will explode

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