"bullet" bowl

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  1. Hey guys this is my little bullet bowl and i think this is the best bowl ever. I spent $6.00 on it. It has a screen on both sides so nothing can fall out on the side to be lit and then one on the side where you suck so you dont get any in your mouth. The top side screws off and thats how you pack and clean it. Ive had it for about 4 months now haha I actually bought like 10 all in different colors :p

    Never spill anything
    Deep bowl to pack
    Small enough to take anywhere
    Can be hidden very easily

  2. I have the same thing but i use mine as a bowl for g bongs and other homemades.

    You hit that just like that? Dont you burn your lips?

  3. Yup hit just like that. The mouth piece is rubber so it doesnt get hot at all and my lips are fine

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