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bulk marijuana seeds

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by butchherring, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. Does anyone have an idea where i can find seeds for sale in bulk for cheaper prices? I need about 200 seeds.
  2. thanks for the site dude, but holy shit those prices are out of control, i guess things have changed since the last time i bought seeds. I was thinking between like 3 and 4 for 200 seeds.
  3. what type of seeds are you after?
  4. i'd think ordering the usual ten seeds of your strain of choice and using them to grow and pollinate a couple of females would be way more efficient, safer and cheaper than ordering 200 seeds from a seed bank, especially since you could smoke all that bud when you're done. that or buy a few ounces of schwag, collect the seeds from that and smoke the rest of the bud. just a thought is all... :cool:
  5. I keep all my seeds :D

    I've got about 150 or so right now. It's all bag seed, but seeds are seeds.
  6. Im looking for a skuck hybrid or a kush.
  7. your best off breeding it yourself and using colloidal silver method to produce females. you'll save a lot of time weeding out males and risking the whole pollination thing outdoors. you have enough time before the next season to make 200 clones of 10 seeds. i say do it!!!

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