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  1. Does anyone know of a collective or club in the so-cal. or central-cal. area that sells or trades bho in larger amounts?   I cant buy more than an 1/8 at any of my local shops and they want like 150$  Looking to pick up at least an oz maybe more if I can find good spot. Sombody please help me out with this.                      
    thanks gc

  2. Learn to blow your own stuff, especially where you live its beyond worth it!
  3. I know how to blow it thank you. I dont have facilities to grow at moment and if I gotta buy a pound to blow why not look to buy a qp of shatter.
  4. can someone explain the BHO craze for someone whos never smoked it.  why is it so much better than real weed.  i love blowing real nugs and itd feel weird smoking some wax or something
  5. It's like hash x10 imo.
  6. wax is just way more potent, it get you higher than bud ever will
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    Pretty sure no legitimate club will sell to you in bulk. They have to stay within the legal guidelines. Also, believe it or not, they are in a business of making money by selling small quantities at retail prices. Can't make money selling bulk @ discounts.
  8. Any club in cali should be able to sell/trade a half a pound, 8 ounces to every single paitent twice a day. At least all the clubs I have ever been to hold this policy.
  9. concentrates are a major grey area and a lot of clubs won't even touch it, nevermind move weight
  10. Not in california!
  11. lol... you gotta be kidding me
    when I got rolled with an oz, cop was grilling me on if I smoked concentrates, if I'd smoked any that day, was he going to find any in the car, etc etc
    Lots of dispensaries were shut down for having it ~6 months ago
    All the news stories about idiots running BHO and blowing their faces off
    Definitely a target in LA
  12. Thats the cops for you. What club do you go to that has no concentrates let alone bho, they all got that shit, and the lottery that shut down all those shops in so-cal had nada to do with any concentrates..... lol 
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    Fox did a report not too long ago about kids blowing themselves up for making it indoors or around a heat source.
  14. You gotta be pretty stupid to be blowing bho indoors. And thats still not whats closing shops in so-cal,

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