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  1. -i have two 150 w hps sylvania lumalux

    -one 150 w hps GE lucalox

    -and one sylvania mercury 400 w (whitw coating)

    i just have the bulbs and want to build a cheap, effective system for about 6 plants

    which one should i use

    would two 150 w hps be enough for 6 plants

    remember i have to buy the ballast and socket...
  2. It might be worth you having a browse through some lighting sites because i;ve seen 400watt complete systems for £125 and 600watt complete for £150 i;ve also seen control gears for £79 and £99 but i think you still have to get leads and make reflectors if i was you i'd spend a couple of hours sufin
  3. From what Ive read, you dont want to use mercury vapor lights, as the correct intensity and spectrum is not provided by them. also, you might want to look at: http://www.overgrow.com/faq/browse.php?qa=820

    It will explain light coverage.

    Im sure you can grow with these bulbs, yield may be affected though, its all a matter of how much you want and of what quality you want it. check the link out, hope it helps.

    Take care.

    PS, I too, have seen some pretty cheap (US dollar wise) complete systems, you just ahve to take a few minutes and search for them. IF I had links Id give em, but I dont, so I wont. :)~ Cya.
  4. I think i'm gonna put a 150w hps and a 400w hps.

    I already built my 150 w socket and ballast

    i have to buy a 400w hps + socket + ballast

    These are for a 8' wide 2' deep 10' high closet covered with aluminium foil

    What type of reflector should i do (shape)?

    what is a cheap and effective material to do them?

  5. Im sorry, this I dont know...I would assume it depends on your grow are for the shape of it, and I would guess that it be amade out of aluminum or something equivilent in "reflective percentage". sorry I cant be more help, hope someone can.

    Take care.

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