bulbs on clearance at lowes, any good?

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    I am beyond a beginner at this. I have a grow box set up out of an old pc case box (not the case, the box it shipped in). I have a fan in (planning out the exhaust) and I have 3 seeds germed and planted in cups. I found two halogen 90w bulbs (flood lights) at 1310 lumens a piece. Are these bulbs good for growing or do they give off too much heat? I figured for such a small grow they would suffice but alas, I only know what I've read as I have no actual growing experience.

    Oh, and I also have a small fan blowing directly on the bulb if that matters. Probably not, but wanted to note it.
  2. Come out better buying a 150 watt bulb and ballast set... run you less than a hundred.
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    lol Hommie Just got done 5 finger "shopping" at Lowes for CFLs and soil and such but I picked up 6 25watt so about 1500k lumens each (CFLs are about 60 lumens per watt) and a PH tester +6 sockets. Flood lights suck they are bigger and use more watts to produce less lumens because they're designed to spread light over a distance, just get some daylight CFLs from Lowes. They should show the color temp rating at 6500k and soft light is usually your 2700k (lights for flowering) If you got any questions feel free to ask !!:smoke:
  4. To the OP, don't use halogen, way too much heat and wrong spectrum. CFLs are OK, and should not be any issue with clearance bulbs as long as they are a proper color temp.

    I would not grow in a cardboard box, though, could catch fire...
  5. Stealing will earn you much disrespect here at GC, that is not the way to support your grow. Bad karma, neg rep.

  6. Yeah I found out after 2 minutes of having it on and the plastic cups started melting. If there's a way to return them (gonna try at least) then I will. I saw a tut on here about an 8xcfl setup which I rather like and I might go for that. I need a new enclosure and I should be good. Thanks for the help.

    By the way, what would be the minimum height for a plant if growing indoors in a setup? I see dimensions all over this site but I can't seem to locate a "should be at least this big" post.
  7. There's a whole sub-forum on micro grows in the Indoor section. But I don't like the idea of micro grows, nor questions that ask about the least, the minimum, etc. Your goal is to get the most you can out of the plant, not the least. You could grow a plant in just a few inches of height, but it wouldn't yield anything so what would be the point?

    With LST you can keep a plant with buds under 12" from soil top, but you still need height for the pot itself, for the light, and for the space between the plant and the light.

  8. craiglist for HPS Lights, i bought a 400watt Ballast setup and everything for $30, they were those old Lighting Setups like you see in the top of walmart, and you can use MHD, or HPS.
  9. Oh shush I have no respect for Lowes or Walmart. They have denied me and many of my friends jobs after failing urine tests though we are medical. I understand stealing is wrong I even bought a pot and the soil I was going to use from them though I did "take" the lights and sockets. But ehh that's what they get for being douches

  10. Or they just dont want the risk of some working there on a drug that inhibits certain things, because workers comp is at a national level, and weed isnt reconized "legally" on a national level,
  11. your kidding me when you say that in response to company such as walmart and lowes? these aren't electricians or plumbers. People can work high Mexicans used to =P

  12. bro, it's all about legality, and no im not, and im going to dismiss the mexican comment as an assumption, im part hispanic, and i know several who dont smoke.
  13. I wouldn't mess with growing in a cardboard box... but if you must, I think you'd be pushing your luck with anything more than a few CFLs--and even that requires decent ventilation.

    You could spend a few bucks on wood and slap together something better that wouldn't be as likely to burn the house down. ;)

    Sealing out light is important as well, so keep that in mind when planning out how you're going to vent it.

    Maybe they just didn't think you were smart enough to work there.
  14. Assumtions.... ummm It's part of history that Mexicans brought most of the weed to America =P and yo I'm part hispanic also, so what? and I understand the legality doesn't mean I agree with it + do not tell me politics don't get involved with legality.:eek:
  15. Choosing whether or not to steal is about having respect for yourself.
  16. Hogwash:smoke:

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