Bulbs not igniting every single day

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  1. It’s really annoying , I’ve got 2 x ultra vivid ballasts running 600 watt dual spectrum bulbs, for some reason I can’t have the bulbs on timers as every morning I wake up the bulbs won’t start after clicking the switch on the wall and it’s either a change of socket to another and back and forth until it starts the bulb, or switching bulb to another bulb for the day until the ballast starts.. any ideas? I’ve got 2 that are doing the same thing .. annoying as fuck

  2. Your globes probably want a high amp kick to start them. I suspect your ballast is falling a bit shy on start up. Are you trying to run 400V globes on a ballast that cant handle it? I'm just guessing, probably shouldn't have replied.
  3. The bulbs come with the ballast, it’s weird it’s like when a car won’t start so you try again until it starts .. weird.
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  4. Thats not cool mate, I'd speak to the people that you got them from.
  5. Some bulbs need more start up power than ur ballast nay be putting out! I found this out trying to run Hortilux bulbs in a generic light

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  6. Yeah it’s two ballasts doing the same thing I’m just running round like a crack pot at 5.55 am switching bulbs and ballasts around Till it starts up lol, think I’ll get this grow out the way with then upgrade to a decent make and get a 1000watt for the summer, everything’s all good when up and running and no power trips etc, I might try switching the fan off before I start the ballast? I’ve also noticed that there’s a very very faint purple in the lights when I try to switch it straight on
  7. That must be insanely annoying.

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  8. It is because I can’t even have them on a Timer lol
  9. The bulbs you have aren't pulse start, are they?
  10. How would one be able to tell? And what is pulse start lol
  11. The part# will usually have PS in it (not hps), and they are bulbs that require a pulsing start instead of direct current to light up. They are usually used in industrial applications, not so much horticultural.
    I rarely ever sold them when I did electrical sales

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