Bulb selection.

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  1. I have a little spare change, and was gonna upgrade my bulbs. 600watt , hps. Ive seen from $20 - $200 the greatest fucking bulbs on the planet!.....so whats good out there?

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  2. Aren't eye hortilux supposed to be one of the best? Phillips make the highest output DE bulbs. That's what gavita uses.
  3. The Eye Hortilux bulbs are the best I've found. The best price I've gotten on them are through GrowersHouse.com. We use 1000 watters and I can get them there for about 30 bucks cheaper a lamp than other places. They're killer good lamps for flowering. TWW
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    They are - at least in their class. I just bought new replacements on Amazon Prime for $56. Which I thought was a good deal (1,000 watt bulbs).

  5. I like Phillips vs others, been paying $80 cheaper when i buy 10...

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