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  1. :confused:Hey GC! How it goes for all you? Im all set to go and ready to grow i have a 1000w HPS to MH conversional bulb is this two in one? and i also have a 1000w digital dimmiable ballast that has two little white buttons, are these buttons to change my bulb from HPS to MH?

    Any Advise on this would be Appriciated THANK YOU!:confused:
  2. No it isnt two in one. A conversion bulb is a bulb made to work with a hps ballast, but output light in the higher mh color spectrum. The switchable ballast allows you to run either true mh bulbs or hps. Conversion bulbs are for people who have hps only ballast so they can run a mh bulb without having to get another ballast. The conversion bulb will be great during vegging but a seperate hps bulb will be required to get the hps spectrum that is beneficial during flowering.

  3. Ok so what's the point in it been an hps to MH convesional bulb the dude said I could use it for veg and flowering off the website I ordered it from:devious:
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    I dont know why he sold you a conversion bulb. You can use a regular mh bulb with a switchable ballast. You can veg and flower with the mh but it isnt optimal. Look up the bulb you have and it will most likely have a high color rating like 5500 - 6500k. Thats optimal for veg but for flowering but you want a color around 3000k.
  5. He probably thought you had a complete HPS setup and was under the impression you needed a MH conversion bulb for your HPS setup allowing you to veg with your MH conversion bulb, and flower with the HPS you already had. Thats pretty much the only explanation right?

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