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Bulb for VEG

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Ender87i, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. - I just cleaned out my shed and im turning it into a veg room.
    However, im undecided on what kind of bulbs to buy.

    - Im currently running (4) 1000w Hortilux SuperBlue (Dual-Spectrum) bulbs in my garage,
    which will become my flower room once the shed is turned into the veg room.

    - Each room will be running a 12-plant Ebb&Gro system.

    What kind of bulbs does everybody recommend i buy for my VEG room? MH, or more DUAL-SPEC?

    If you suggest MH, what color temperature does everybody reccomend? (ex: 5500k, 6500k, 7500k, etc.)

    Also, what does everybody else use?

    Its been really hard to get feedback lately, so i greatly appreciate anyone who gives their opinion! Thanks guys..
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    MH gives good penetration and I use the 6500k spectrum. Based on the photospectrum/plant growth curve, 6500k is the color that is used to the most to stimulate growth in the vegetative cycle.

    EDIT: Here is the curve

  3. IHey man,
    I'f it's for vegging I would use a 6500 MH. The spectrum as you probably know if perfect for vegging while HPS are good for flowering becuz they mimic the sun more. As for what everybody else is using, I have no clue, but I would definately go with a MH. Get the Ballast and start Vegging!
  4. What do you guys think of the Hortilux "Blue" bulb? is that a 5500k or 6500k?

    As i mentioned, im running the Hortilux SuperBlue Dual-Spectrum bulbs in my garage, which will be my flower room from now on... And i love them.. Im seriously tossed up over weather i should get MH for my veg room, or more dual-spec...

    Heres a link to the hortilux info page for the dual-spec bulb: EYE Hortilux SUPER BLUE

    Alot of people dont know about these bulbs, so i want to get some educated opinions from people who know about these bulbs, and can give me an educated suggestion for weather or not mh would be better than the dualspec...

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    What does everybody think?
  6. I need to make a decision by tonight, so i could really use some opinions guys!

    Anybody out there have a suggestion? :poke:

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