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  1. Alright I think I want to get one of these and I know there are already a couple threads but I decided to make a new one instead, does anyone know how many hits you can get out of one of the bowls? I only ask cuz it would probably be mainly to smoke with my friends. They look pretty fun to try and probably a good way to save weed and still get you blazed. Plus they're only 20 bucks and thats a good price to me.
  2. Why dont you just make one?
    And for how many hits, that depends on Bowl size and how big of hits you can take.
  3. I don't know if you know what I'm talking about or not...


    These don't use any water and are pretty damn convenient
  4. i've never tried one of these things but it looks like a better investment then getting the vortex gravity bong at only $20
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    I tried one of these at Cannabis Cup a couple of years ago and they're okay. I like something with a bigger mouth. I love gravity bongs but the best is still just to make one. Try getting a BC Chillum (BC Chillum Homepage) for $10 and make your own. It'll fit any bottle size and it's portable. My favorite is using family-sized Ocean Spray bottle or Gatorade. You can put a ping pong ball inside if you're worried about the water coming up. Agree with you...buckets/gravity bongs are the best way to get really high without much weed.

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