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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Dec 19, 2002.

  1. this is something a coworker told me about the other day... i was gonna mention it earlier, but i forgot... hmm... wonder why. lol... anywayz, it's an adaption of a gravity bong (bukket) that takes a bit of the harshness out of the hit by filtration. now... some of you may be thinking, how do you filter a bukket? well... here's how...

    take the standard bukket materials: plastic bottle, bucket, water, metal bowl. with the addition of one more. an extension for the bowl's stem. make sure it's almost as long as the bottle, but short enough so it's out of the water before the bottle is. with the the extension being submerged in the water, when you pull the bottle up to milk the bukket it will pull the smoke through the water first, almost like a hooka (hence the term bukka).
  2. Sounds like a great idea Cottons. Gonna have to give that a try! Though I'm pretty sure I can explain what will happen....


    *drops to floor in a mad coughing fit, muttering "I'm stoned, I'm stoned"* :)
  3. lmao... more than likely :D
  4. haha this is probably an old thread but i was searching for stuff...

    I have done this! H20 filtered grav hits roxxxx0r. Get something firm though, if you use a floppy tube it will get knocked around by the water turbulence.

  5. you could always tape it to the inside of the bottle that you'll be milking up :D
  6. good call....I'm buying a bukket bong from the city soon I think though ;)
  7. almost like a gravty jolt?
  8. I made one of those a long time ago, I thought I posted it here, I posted it somewhere, lol... lol, I was pretty high when I drew that, it fuckx you up bad, but a bow is gone in 1-3 hits.

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  9. We used to have a 4 hose gravity hookah we built out of a garbage can and a couple of 5 gallon water jugs it worked all sweet and whne you get 8 people doing tag team and the off the hit rotation team feeding the bowl we'd blaze an oz in like 5 minutes and be fuckin blown. We had a bowl that held a fat qurater on it and we'd have an oz cleaned an fire up that bad fucker and just keep dumping quarters at a time into the bowl and kept it going.


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