Built out of a fridge

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  1. Run a hps on blast but run a timer not a thermostat. Light and ballest stay frozen vent out back and drip co2
  2. wouldnt be worth the power bill.
  3. Are you saying cool it with the fridge/freezer? :O your bulb would shatter for starters..
  4. yea, the discrepancies between temps from the bulb to the freezer. plus with the cost of that setup, you could just buy some kickass LEDs and not worry about the temps
  5. I wouldnt want the fridge to kick on all the time just timered to bring temps down so every so often it would kick on and drop temp. Cut a hole exact size of an enclosed window reflector from the freezer into the fridge. Ballast and majority of the light would be in the freezer part and store co2 tanks regulator ect. Lemmy draw a pic. 1501605481557.png
  6. Lec would be ideal as far as great light lower temps fridge interiors already reflective easy to clean sealed environment. Co2 enrichment would be easy to control without much leakage
  7. Keep is simple there tree . Don't over complicate your grows . Stick to 125 w .

    .LED 300 w 4x2x5 WW

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