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  1. Hello all, I was recently debating about buying a 4x8 tent and the prices were very expensive so I googled and then googled some more and then decided to build my own. I wanted to build my own since it would be hard to split a 4x8 tent in half if one side was in flowering and the other side was still in veg. I still have to get another couple lights. I want to use two 600 watt led’s in each side. I will also be running another pipe from my ceiling vent over to the left side room. The plants I have in there now are 3 AK-47 and 1 Sour Diesel and 1 Blueberry Kush. I will be putting 4 White Widows in the left side once I get the other lights and exhaust fans. I must say I am very proud of this grow room.
    051C458A-8613-486C-B840-05908E3BC4F0.jpeg D5A343E3-F533-4C92-A036-715DA5E2DB44.jpeg A4D43B9E-E25E-44C0-9F49-D33477A9A293.jpeg 0A07C600-F1D7-4C82-B562-6A7F9BBA066F.jpeg 72F1CC85-9069-4BED-8633-A1CBD276D435.jpeg 2FFF8546-4EE4-48FE-97EE-0885982BDAC8.jpeg 8993635A-B552-4F6E-9370-C7CDB0A21B71.jpeg 376AA669-5556-44AD-8497-CDB0FA35F760.jpeg
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  2. thats cool bro. I almost did the same thing. I ended up converting a closet into a perpetual auto-flower set up. Its been fun.
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  3. A sliding closet door might last longer

    nice too

    got venting ?

    good luck
  4. That’s awesome I have something very similar that I am building in my basement but I am battling a flood at the moment Because we just had an unusual amount of rain this past two weeks! Once I get it dry gotta seal and waterproof it. Looking at yours just got me stoked to finish mine!

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  5. Us too man. Damn Nader took out my power for 10 hours. Good thing I had the generator in the garage !

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  6. I would like to put in a power bank and run solar just for grow room, it wouldn't be very hard at all and they really dont cost a hell of alot any more.
  7. Damnit! I’m at least thankful we didn’t have power outage cuz I don’t have a generator but that is next on my list! Just gotta find one that works good and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

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  8. Yea I have cold air coming in to keep it cool and I am ordering 2 6” inline fans with 1 carbon air filter sometime this week.
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  9. Thanks, I had to use duct tape to make sure all edges were air and light tight. I didn’t want to use it cause I thought it looked tacky but it serves the purpose lol.
  10. What does your setup look like? I didn’t have a big enough closet to do this with. My master bedroom closet is huge but my wife would have killed me if I used up any of her space lol
  11. two 50w UFOs handle sprouting and early veg
    IMG_20190531_081206.jpg IMG_20190531_081218.jpg
    150w COB in a 12in x 12in
    two 100w COB in a 3 x 1.5ft
    300w full spectrum in another 3 x 1.5ft
    IMG_20190525_195054.jpg IMG_20190525_195103.jpg
    80w + 90w + 80w in a third 3 x 1.5ft
    300w +150w + 300w UFOs augmented by two 75w COB for 2 x 4ft closet

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