Built bubble system...need nutrients

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  1. I basically made Two homemade bubbleponics system much like the one HERE... only with 4 - 4.5inch net pots. Anyway, I am completely blown away by the list of different additives and hydroponic nutrients. Can someone point me in the right direction?

    I will be planting 4 Paradise Seeds Opium plants and 4 Barney's Farm G-13 Haze.

    I'd like to steer clear of chemicals and stay organic....so someone lead me to some good organic hydroponic fertilizers please :)
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    Try looking in the Organic Growing section. Should be some information regarding organics there.

    If you are looking for a simple method (not organic), do a search on Lucas Formula. It uses General Hydroponics Flora Micro and Flora Bloom. Very simple.. and very effective!

    Good Luck
  3. good luck with the organic hydro.

    floranova bloom is supposed to be the best of both worlds. its basically the lucas formula in one bottle plus some humic/fulvic additives.

    trying to go 100% organic in hydro is tricky. and i personally don't see the point in using organics if you're not growing under the sun. don't listen to all that shit about smoking chemicals, just give a little flush and dry and cure properly.

    sorry for the rant. my two cents...
  4. No, I listen to both sides....I might just go with the chemicals to make it easier and more economical...money speaking. I'm just trying to get the most that i possibly can growing under 1 250watt advanced sprectrum HPS plus a few CFL's on the lower lit areas later on when the plants get large..... So what is the best out there hydroponically....in two different bottles (vegetative/flower) that you can get to grow? And would those two different formulas be all I need (no other additives?) throughout the whole grow for the bubble system? In the past, I have used a rather cheap hydroponic vegatative/flower plus some micronutrients...but i had some problems with that. I just want a general hydroponic fertalizer that has EVERYTHING the plant needs for its two stages.
  5. Bump...still need to find hydroponic nutrients...
  6. So you still need to find it even though you've had two perfect replies :confused:
  7. Must require a consensus :)
  8. I found when asking a group of 20 people what fertilizer to use; you'll get 20 different answers.
    Many growers will experiment over the years with different solutions. most of them are all good. Don't get sucked into all the extra additives. Keep it simple !!

    I use a one part solution from Dyna-Gro. They also have Dyna Bloom for flower. These are old school fertilizers that have proven themselves over the years.
  9. So i am having trouble choosing between these two different companies and their nutrients. Should I go with the less expensive General Hydroponics Micro/Grow/Flower or should i go with Advanced Nutrients 3 part formula? The price difference is about 3 dollars more per QT bottle for Advanced Nutrients....and I've read good things in High Times about Advanced.....but the General Hydroponics 3 part formula has proven itself for many growers....
  10. GH and AN's 3 part systems are about one in the same........personally, I'd go GH for the sake of saving a few bucks. You really wouldn't be able to tell the difference at harvest time. Also, I'd use the "Lucas" formula.
  11. Hello,
    Dyna Gro Grow Works For Veg. Dyna Gro Bloom Is Deadly. It Makes PH Unstable. No Matter How Many Times You Get Your PH Where You Want Then Check A Few Hours PH Would Be 7.4-8.0. This Went On For Weeks. I've Heard The Same From Others.
    In Another Forum I Asked About Dyna Gro, There Was People That Stood Behind DG All But 1 Never Used Bloom. One Person Who Sells DG Big Time On Ebay Swore By It Saying The Growth Would Equal GH & AN. But His Last Sentence He Said But I Didn't Use Bloom.
    Why Not When I Asked Got No Response From None Of Them!

    Thank You
  12. I think what they're not telling you or what they don't know is the use of Pro-Tek; it's a silica additive used during Veg. and could use during Flower for the first little bit.

    Silica gets added to the water first ! Then DynaGro or DynaBloom. Pro-Tek stabilizes the PH and benefits the plant. It's one of the micro nutrients that's natural in our soil.

    Silica strengthens the cellulars walls therefore making strong think stems and helps make the plant more heat resistant.

    I think a lot of people staw away from non-canna industry nutrients and products, but I believe there's others out there !
  13. I am using fox farms and I seem to have the same problem. If I don't add pH down every 12 hours it spikes to 6.2, but never higher.
  14. I recently built a few bubble buckets of my own, but have done several active hydro crops over the last few years. I know there are tons of great nutes. I use AN's Sensi grow and bloom A&B and supplement with AN's B-52, Sensizym and Big Bud. So far it's working phenominally. Very vigorous growth, a root ball the size of a mop head and pre flowers after 3 weeks of vegging. I'm sure I've even read that it was specifically designed for growing ganga, but I'm not 100% sure. I've also tried Botanicare's organic line. Didn't like them at all. They do however make a great clearing solution called Clearex. I fert until a few days from harvest then use Clearex and have no fert taste in the dried smoke. If you prefer a 1 part, go with Fox Farm's. I liked their Grow Big and Tiger Bloom. Like i said, there are tons of great nutes so choose wisely.

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