Built a shack.

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    Four stoners, four days, free wood, no experience.

    This is complete with a window, tv, super nintendo, soon to be mini fridge, four black lights, rug, and speakers for some ipod tunes. We even got an opening window, badass I know :p

    From the outside.

    Looking in the door.

    Looking left from the doorway.

    Twistin' up :p

    Looking back from the shelf.


    Door-side wall.

    Arizona cranberry tea is the shit.
  2. Pictures don't work, sir.
  3. Dope beats.
  4. Fixed, sorry guys.
  5. Dude thats a badass shack you guys must hotbox the shit out of that thing!:smoking::smoking:
  6. That is quite awesome, all the necessities are covered it seems.
  7. Yes. That is sick! I would definitely chill there. And I agree arizona cranberry tea is delicious

    edit: I like how in the picture of the arizona there's another can peeking through the crack behind the door :)
  8. Better hope that bitch stays water proof.
  9. +rep dude. I would hot box the SHIT out of that shack lol
  10. ^^^ What he said. About the waterproofing.

    Nice shack though. a mini fridge full of beer and you dudes will be set.
  11. +rep!

    That thing is a hotbox machine, for sure!
  12. lmao, fuck yea that things legit
  13. thats a pretty rad chill spot but yea, rain might fuck your shit up..
  14. It's been through numorous thunderstorms, it's water tight. :laughing:
  15. yeah thats badass man. i remember when i was younger i made sweet forts with a fireplace and shit and 2 levels. we would just be little pyros and burn the fuck out of anything:devious:
  16. Gotta love productive stoners! :hello:
  17. Haha in the fifth picture theres three on a shelf as well.

    I wouldve made the door a lil taller but otherwise pretty dope hangout bro :smoking:
  18. The door is perfect for entering because you have to step up, getting out is a little tougher, the smaller the easier lol.

    Thanks guys.

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