Built a homemade rabbit cage.

Discussion in 'General' started by lk250f, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    Just got some 2x4's cut and went at it. It will all be covered in chicken wire, except for the bottom which will be plywood that slides out so bedding is easier to change. Debating on doing that today or tomorrow. The thing hinged on at the top will be the door to get the rabbit out. Now to find the perfect rabbit!
  2. It seems a little small for a rabbit hutch...

    We've made three, but we sort of built a house structure, covered it with tongue-groove flooring boards for the walls and roof, so you can remove certain slats in the roof to clean, and then fitted a detachable 'run' to the front of them...

    Good job on making it yourself, though, no point spending silly money on one thats been pre made.
  3. Well more of a cage then a hutch a suppose, mixed up the words. Its about 3x2x2. The breed im getting only gets about 4 lbs so that will be more than enough for him. All the supplies so far were about 25 plus i need chicken wire and plywood which wont be much! and its better than that plastic crap!

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