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Building Outdoor Grow Shed. Need help on specifics.

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by GBoD, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. Okay, so I live out in the middle of freaking nowhere, in a forest on a mountain in Alaska, and decided that I wanted to start growing.

    I don't want to be limited to growing outdoors because the weather is already heading that direction where its not going to grow to much before winter gets here, although anybody that did grow outside here this summer is fucking lucky, 18 hours a day of actual sun and temps 65-85 day and night.

    I also can't grow indoors because of my dad.

    So I decided to build a little grow shed in a blind spot behind our house.
    There's no neighbors to see it, our land is private property so nobody could report it without committing trespassing. Its going to be built right by a group of large trees, with fallen trees across the roof.

    Basically I need to know what dimensions to make the shed, to accommodate 4, 8, or 10 plants. (I can't decide how many I want to do yet, but I'm going for quick growing stuff to do See of Green.)

    If a plant runs out of headroom, will it still continue to grow wide?

    Also, anybody got feedback on miracle grow?
    The stuff I saw was rated 21-7-14 and promised to feed plants for two months?
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    so how are you going to get power out to this shed .... ? and for the height thing train it as it grows and bend the branch or hold it down with a tie and it wont grow so much as high but it will still grow...LST i think this is called cant remember lol
  3. if I were you, I would go to the hardware store see if they have prebuild sheds, get the dimensions and make your to the size you want, or found looked best. But being in Alaska that may not be an option, so check the internet for standard shed sizes, or just grab a peice of paper and start drawing. but I have to quote Stumpt "how are you going to get power out to this shed .... ?"

    And if you know how to frame a building then a shed really isn't hard at all.just the roof
  4. Actually, the power solution is going to be the easiest, because the shed spot is only about 16 feet away from the hours at most.
    The reason I can do this is because of strong tree cover. :)
    I found an extention cord that you can wind up and has six sockets built in to it for only $5 at a garage sale, and it works perfectly.

    I'm going to have two roofs, and I plan on having them slide on.

    The hardest part is leveling the somewhat slopey terrain :|
    Also I still need to know how tall most plants get.
    Also, in general do taller plants provide more buds, or phatter?
    If the latter, how can I force the plant to grow wide?

    The other thing I'm somewhat curious is, I have to both keeps this warm, keep it from setting on fire, and keep fresh air all at the same time.

    I planned on just finding a tube large enough to put my small fan in, then drilling a hole for the tube in the wall, and fitting a screen on it to stop bugs, however in winter that air would be freezing.

    I've read that plants can grow in 40-90 degrees F, is this true?
    I might just throw a parabolic heater into the mix, along with some fish tank heating mats on the pots to keeps the soild and roots warm.

    Sorry for all the questions, I just want to make this as perfect as possible.

    Also, yes we have places to buy sheds, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, etc.
    Alaska, or at least Central to South Central Alaska isn't as red-neck as Sarah Palin makes us look.
    Back to the point, this shed isn't going to a big one, maybe 3x6. I plan on building the pot for the plants into the floor.

    I'll draw up some plans later :)

    In the mean time, plant related questions that get answered would be very appreciated.
    +rep for responses stumpt and G-lant
  5. hi their GBoD yeh plants can grow at some low temps but it depends on the strain some are a bit different if you can keep it between 70f 85f lights on and bout 10f 15f cooler at lights off and would suggest if you do buy or build your own shed to insulat. then wrap the inside of your shed with shiney reflective material MYLAR lol and just moniter the temps for a few days without the plants being their then you will know what you need to fix to either heat up or kool down

    youwant to keep the humidity between 40-60% preferably lower whe flowering but like everyone we all mod our grow rooms to an degree where we start exaggerate lmao like me :smoke::wave:
  6. If I were you being as you get 18 hours of sun a day and its only for a short period, I would suggest Auto-Flowers. They Flower under anything over 12-24 hours and they finish fast, just do a shit load of those and youll have a lovely harvest.

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