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  1. So I've done some research and think I'm ready to tackle this build, I'm just coming to the community for everyone's input and advice. The PC will be used for gaming on 1080p mostly WoW but I've been thinking I may expand more since I'll have a decent rig for the first time in over 4 years. I'm looking to keep the price as low as possible but I don't something that will be useless in a year. I was originally going to go with a i5 3570k, z77, and a gtx 760, but after talking to some people on the WoW forums I've decided something more like this with a i5 4670k, z87, and gtx 770 but everything else is the same. Also is anyone good with swapping the leds? I was thinking about changing the leds for I/O shield and power button to match the fan leds I'll be getting. Thanks in advance everyone

  2. Solid build, just ditch the 250gb and get the 120gb ssd instead and with the left over money get a 1tb western digital drive. 250gb is not enough for a gaming pc. You have games taking up 20-30gb of storage, that with your os, apps, movies, etc. it won't last.
    Now there are some places where you could cut back and possibly get yourself a gtx 780/r9 290 instead of a 770, not really necessary for a game like WoW or any other game right now really since a 770 can max most at 1080p with good frames but if you did want some more horsepower in the graphics department that is possible. Otherwise it's good the way it is with the minor adjustment i mentioned first.
  3. I suggest going to and looking at the ncix pc's, they have great price ranges, and you can pick one you like and tweak it a bit if you want a different part, and there is a large selection of gaming pc's! It's worth checking out! I believe worldwide shipping as well!

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  4. What sadrules said :). Keep in mind WoW doesn't need a monster graphics card. I'm still running a 560ti from a build two years ago and it smashes on warcraft. 
    Also, check out the corsair liquid cpu coolers. They're really popular, so easy to use and will be better for overall performance.
    What questions did you have about swapping LEDs? I install electronics for a living so I may be able to help.
  5. Thanks for the replies guys, I was going to add another HDD for storage the 250gb was for the OS and maybe a game or two. And yeah I was thinking of going for the 780 or the 780ti but I just cant justify spending 500-700 on one part of a 1000-1500 build. As for the LED swapping I was just wondering how hard it was the only soldering I've done was like 5 years ago in the tech ed class they make you take and it was like a one day lesson, I asked my dad if he would for bud but he's not too tech savvy so i didn't know if there was anything to look out for when doing it, I've looked at a few videos/guides and it seems simple enough as finding them and replacing/soldering them.
  6. Also I've been questioning the case lately any time I smoke i seem to find something horribly wrong with each case even though I'll love everything else about it, is it fairly easy and inexpensive to build your own case? I've seen a few parts but most are listed at 70-200 which means the case would cost another 500-600 which just doesn't seem worth it.

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