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  1. Did my first season of outdoor this year. They are finishing up now. Got three little ones started too outside during the day, inside at night. I got a good deal on a Viparspectra 450 so I was going to build a little indoor setup. I have...

    Two 4" exhaust fans I could use or one 6" These are the proper boxed exhaust fans(Thinking of builing 3x3 or 2x4, depening on advice on light output)

    I have several rolls of Mylar reflective coating. Lots of 1x1 and 2x2 inch pine strapping and wood to make rough frame work. Half inch thick light blue foam board to make walls. Can line the outside with garbage bags maybe for extra air and light tightness? Maybe a 4 or 6" intake port at the bottom, single exhaust at the top, and a fan somewhere in there circulating? They will be in a room that's easily to keep humidity down can can keep temps around 20c ish. Getting to hot wont be an issue, may have to add some head throughout the winter.

    I know I could buy a tent, but I've got plenty of material and tools to make something happen, I'm just more looking for input on overall dimensions, any features to build into it? I've got a wood shop to work with.

    Not looking to grow a farm, maybe just 2 reasonable size plants, and a small shelf of clones or things sprouting, with some room to work.
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    You need a 6" air intake near the floor and a 6" outlet near or on the ceiling. The size area is going to depend on your goals for harvest. You have the Vipar 450 now which is only rated for a 2.5x2.5 area but you could always add to that to round out your setup later.

    I feel like 3x3 is about the minimum size grow area that makes sense to build for personal. You can yield up to a pound or a little more out of one with skill, good equipment, and training.

    If you're building it yourself make it as tall as possible. 7 feet is a good number. My tent is 82" tall I think and that's also pretty good. Running out of headroom sucks and plants can easily reach 5 feet tall of you grow any sativas. At 5 feet tall you'll run out of headroom if your tent isn't at least 7 feet tall. You can't run the lights right up against the ceiling. There has to be at least about a 4-6" gap. That leaves you with only 20-18" distance on a 5 foot tall plant with the lights all the way up.

    One of the main issues with smaller tents like 2x4's and 3x3's is the lack of headroom. I see lots of people trying to run a 5 foot tall tent. IMO it's almost impossible to grow a really nice crop in one. You don't have the distance to manage stretch with a larger plant. Even a 6 foot tall 3x3 is borderline tall enough. I own one. Some of my tomato shoots in it are growing over the light all the way to the ceiling.

    If you're a pothead with a wife/girlfriend that smokes as well and a few friends you like to share with a 4x4 flower area is something to think about. You can get 2 pounds and over with skill in a 4x4 at harvest with the right lights.

    Every time you go up only one square foot your power requirement to flower the space pretty much doubles. A 2x2 can be flowered with as low as 120 watts. 3x3's take 250-300 watts. 4x4's take 500-600 watts. That's with some of the better leds out there. If you run a lower end older design burple like the vipars that watt total for optimal light levels goes up a little bit. So that's something to consider if electricity cost is a concern to you. The 3x3 is a very efficient setup with a 250 watt or 300 watt light like one of these.
    Kingbrite Lm301h Quantum Board Uv Ir Red 660 Led Plant Grow Light With Separate Heatsink - Buy Quantum Board Uv,Quantum Board Uv Ir,Lm301h Quantum Board Uv Product on
    Get 3500k whites and that's all the light you need start to finish for that 3x3.

    Use the vipar 450 to veg another 3x3 so you can veg and flower at the same time in the future after the first crop. I have a separate veg area. You can pretty much double your harvest cycle with a veg room. I always keep the flower room working. As soon as the plants are done and cleaned out I move in new plants that were waiting to go in the veg tent.

    I also wanted to add that I'm a skilled craftsman and talked about building my own grow area for years. At the last minute instead I ordered a 4x8 grow tent for a little over 200. I'm so happy I did. They just have everything you need built in. They build in minutes. You can take them right back down like a tent you get for camping then snap them back together somewhere else in less then an hour. Nothing left but a clean spot on the carpet where the tent was. The canvas fabric and zippers, built in duct holes with draw strings, ect make it so worth it.

    That said, happy building. Not trying to change your mind necessarily. Just sharing my own experience.
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  3. Thanks for all the insight! I will take that into consideration. I was thinking of just under 7 feet because that's about where the drop ceiling lands in the room it will be sitting in. I'm not after amazing yields, maybe so a couple smaller plants, rather than one large. Ideally if I could do 4 small short plants, or do 1/2 plants, or even 1 plant and a tray of small stuff if I had too I'd be more than happy.

    I'd like to keep the overall tent small this time around A for the light, and B I will probably buy a proper nice grow tent if I get a second light or a bigger light later. This is more just to experiment and iron out some bugs with learning indoor growing.
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  4. Don't forget the auto growers, they always got to chime in with their 2 cents worth. Because you can start one auto and see how it goes, and then start another, and see how they fit and what is working. And you can try a third if the first isn't taking up the whole tent. But they like 24/0-20/4...but ok, carry on, we have been represented. (Oh, and they also like light leaks if you have them.)
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  5. As Tbone points out, height can become an issue.
    Eke out every bit of height you can.
    You'll need it.
    Even my 9 ft tent sometimes can't contain 6-7 ft tall autos after topping and training.
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  6. I don't think I could let my plants get that tall. My outdoors won't even finish off at 4 and a half feet. I'd probably end up doing some netting or just a wide spread. Not looking for long flower times or big plants overall. Even a few small yielders would be nice to grow 2-3 different strains. But yeah I checked the area today I've got just under 7 feet floor to ceiling, so that should be good. The whole grow tent will be sitting 4 inches off the floor.

    2x4 seems to be more enticing than a 3x3 at the moment. I just started laying things out on the floor and measuring and mocking some stuff up. I know the viparspectra 450 would struggle with a 2x4 but I figure as long as I don't make the whole tent a canopy. Some room for moving things around, and putting fans and tools would be nice.

    There is always a chance that I could add another small 3-400 watt light.. At that point, would a 2x4 make more sense? I'll either add a light in the future, or simply buy a bigger tent and a bigger light. I'm simply hoping for 1 or 2 successful cycles before investing any money. At this point I have $50 into the light, everything else is stock.
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  7. Yeah.....we are a pretty laid back bunch...........:love-m3j:
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  8. ^ Nah this guys a dick ;)
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  9. 2x4's are too crowded. 3x3 square shape is better to work in. 4 small plants in a 3x3 is a nice setup. You'd need to add at least one more light or two strips but build it for the future.
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  10. I have a 2x4 tent with 2 larger autos, and a 3x3 tent with 4 smaller autos.
    In hydroponics the foliage gets so thick, that I can't enter either tent.
    The 2x4 is much easier to work with, because I can reach everything.
    In the 3x3 the back plants are unreachable, and get left completely alone.

    I've bought a second 2x4, and will eventually replace the 3x3 with it.
    I'll probably grow 3 + 3 if/when that happens.
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  11. Yeah, if I were you, I would try and get those plants some least every once in a while....
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  12. They do just fine, but harvesting them first would be a pain.
    All 4 plants are in the same 15 usable gallon reservoir, fed by a storage res, so not reaching the back plants doesn't cause trouble.
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  13. Must be nice..........:pimp:
  14. That would depend on your reach. I do tile for a living. I'm 6'4" with 78" reach. I can reach the back of my 4x4 by just resting one knee inside the door.

    I'm sure two plants would be fine in a 2x4 if you made it tall enough. It just feels really cramped to me after doing most of my growing in 4x4 and 3x3 areas.

    I like to have extra room in the veg area to start clones, ect. It helps to have that space if you make veg area the same size as flower.

    The taller a plant gets the more the floor space opens up as well if you lollipop. All my drivers are on the back wall of my tents and I reach the flower ones by crawling in under the branches to dim.
  15. Also removing the plants one at a time for trimming training is pretty easy. Even just remove the front two so you can get at the rest.
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  16. 4 ft plant plus a foot for the container and 18 inches of space, plus inches light takes up, more if you hang the fan, and pretty soon it gets short in there.
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    Building houses from wood isn't such a good idea. Buildings made out of wood are not very durable, and in a short time, it gets putrified. My father is a forester, and he decided to build a new house in the woods. I decided to help him and hired a scaffold tower from and started the work together. The house was wonderful, but the humidity in the air destroyed it at all in just a few years. It was in such a bad condition that we needed to destroy it and build a new one in five years. We understood our mistakes and used other materials.

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