building grow cabinet for autos.. help needed!

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  1. Hi, I'm building a 7x3x3 grow box that will be just for autoflowers.
    The growbox will be separated into 3 sections:

    * top 1.5' will be for the 400W HPS and will be separated from the rest of the box by a sheet of plexi glass.

    * middle 4' will be the main grow chamber (I'm growing all autos)

    * bottom 1.5' will be a seedling area with CFL'S

    Here's how I plan on venting:

    - x2 120mm 110CFM PC case fans
    (2 in the top section, remember its an enclosed area of only 9 sq ft.)
    (2 in the middle section both near the glass separating the top and middle chambers, with one 4'' passive intake hole near the bottom)

    Will this be enough ventilation?
    What is the biggest yielding auto that u guys know of? I was thinking of either lowryder easy ryder or low life auto-ak47

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    21 cubic feet in your grow space

    x 3 for air movement=63 cfm rated fan

    x 2 if you add a carbon scrubber= 126 CFM rated fan

    If you have two grow spaces there,I think you do, gimme LxWxH of both the grow spaces

    people don't use autos for max yield... they do it for max time...
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    LxWxH= cubic.... 4'x3'x3'= 36 cubic feet for the grow chamber

    63 cuft for the whole box.

    I'd rethink the plexiglass. You will lose intensity passing through it and the fact that the grow chamber is 4' tall and then your light.... 400 watt isn't the most powerful light and then placing it 3' away from your girls (figuring you'll use a container about 12" tall) I'd bet they'll be stretching for the light. I believe the proper term to search for is "inverse square"... to figure out the amount of intensity you lose per foot of increased distance from the plants.
  4. 36 cubic feet times three for air removal= 108 CFM rated fan

    adding a carbon filter? x 2=216 CFM rated fan

    following the math?
  5. Not "following" your math. I'm doing the math correct the first time.
  6. wonder what math your doing

    oh now the measurements are different

    Yahoo. for being a dick

    ya know.. i tried to help.... you talk in riddles.... i have a huge grow area.. oh wait.. its smaller oh wait your a dick......

    if you know so much why ask questions... please fail
  7. ok... in your first post... #2 of the thread. You stated "21 cubic feet in your grow space" Please explain your math? either way 21 cuft is incorrect.

    So if by being a dick, you truly mean fixing your (lack of) basic math skills and giving the OP the proper info....

    Then I guess I'm a dick. :hello:
  8. ya know i really want to be constructive even though your a douche......

    your entire grow space has to be vented.... not just a portion of it.... so if your going to treat every section as a new grow space... it would be nice to actually have the cubic feet measurements... not some long winded check out my theoretical(because your grow does not exist)description.

    so... in the interest of saving lots of time.....

    7x3x3=63 cubic feet.... your entire grow, from the top to the bottom has to have fresh air... multiply this times three to get your air movement...this equals 198CFM rated fan

    if you add a carbon scrubber.. multiply times two.... 378CFM RATED FAN...

    this is a six inch inline fan.... and with the size of your light.. your going to need it..... use one fan for the whole area and build light traps for the different cambers... or give us the actual CF of each grow and treat them separate


    carry on
  9. sorry... tried to weed threw your first post for a real question... with your lack of information given... maybe my math was off... but seriously... read threw your first post... its stupid
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    I didn't start the original post, I was just correcting your "21 cuft" calculation
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    Story problems.... gotta love them

    what more info do you need? There is no mention of a vent commonly between the three different sections... so three separate boxes...

    "* middle 4' will be the main grow chamber (I'm growing all autos)".... hence the 4x3x3= 36

    I do agree that the whole thing should be vented, but I'd only have two chambers (lose the plexiglass) and vent them separately, or figure out a way to keep the light from shining into the flowering chamber through the vent (flowering room floor/seedling ceiling) connecting the two. Temps will be higher in the flowering chamber than in the seedling. Will the cfl's put off enough heat to get the bottom chamber warm enough? I don't use cfl's so I'm just asking. With one "central venting system" you'd have to pick which chamber controls the temp.
  12. ok... i thought i was speaking only to the first poster... i never looked to see the name... and now your answering the questions as if your the first poster... so... i don't really get whats going on...

    not that i have to... so.. your answering for adam now?

    if your asking how i would vent your cabinet...... I would use one fan if money was no object.. light traps are easy to build... just use 2 90 degree elbow pvc pieces and spray paint the inside black to stop the light from going from room to room.. or use ducting and bend it till you cant see the light threw the duct

    if your trying to be stealth use pc fans... just treat the the areas as two separate areas

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