Building first grow room need some advice

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  1. Okay room is actually built have lights fans filter etc etc all in place and ready to go main problem now is my decision on how many plants I can fit in this area ,What would be a decent media to use for pots that wont break my pocket book and which of the strains of seeds I have in herited I should start with.

    Okay well first off grow space is 5 x 7 x 7H this is a partitioned of section of a 9 x 7 x 7 room with a 2.5' x 2.5' x7H closet that I have set up as a nursery for rooted clones and seedlings and living quarters for mothers I plan on keeping. For seeding and rooting cuttings I have a pantry that is 8'L x 18"D by 2'H lighting is a 4' flourescent with 2 T-12 43w 6500k bulbs just for getting clones rooted and seedlings out of the ground. The nursery has a 2 x 150w 6500k CFL bulb in a Bright wing reflector one for the rooted cuttings and seedling the other is for keeping up to 4 bonsai style mother plants . So that is my nursery setup.

    The grow room is setup as follows 5x7x7 space with 1000w switchable lamp with sun system yield master 2 6" air cooled reflector with 350cfm vortex fan and odorsok filter ducting takes the air completely out of room , For intake I have used the air ducting for a 6 " hot air vent to build a light trap. Basically the vent part is on the outside comes the the door into a 90 elbow into a 6" duct that ascends 3' after testing there are no light leaks in the room.

    The climate of the room is without plants is holding at 73 degrees with lights on and 30% RH lights out temp is 64 degrees.

    I was given a bunch of gh nutrients 2 5gal jugs of each flora.micro and bloom .

    So basically what I am not sure on is which of the mediums I am considering would be best to use with these nutrients, Which of the strains I have seeds for would be the best for me to start with and is my room climate decent or should I raise temperature and with it having 30% humidity empty does anyone forsee me having problems with Rh later on.

    So the mediums I am considering are either Pro mix BX, Promix HP or Sunshine mix 4.

    For strains I have 32 feminized white widow .12 feminize himalayian gold 12 feminized super silver haze . And 12 each jack herrer , armageddon and super crystal all regular. And also I have 60 seeds provided by health canada from there growers in the mine in manitoba I have read there reports on the analasys of there plants and supposedly they are able to produce 12-15% thc. If you have heard bad things about the Health canada seeds or the bud it produces let me know before i waste my time. I also have one more closet set aside for housing a male for breeding purposes so if one of the regular type seeds would be an easier strain to start with no problem I would like to make more seeds for free so I wont have to put out any cash.

    So anyways plsease help with suggestion on wich soil would be decent and wich of these strains will be best for a noob to start with and isnt to temperamental

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