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    Hey all a quick question for ya here...
    I'm gonna be using an ebb and flow system here, just about to make it..
    I have two options here. I'll show a picture of the trays i have....
    The smaller one is the one i would Like to use... but the bigger one is the perfect size i need, but its plastic!! will this melt under 600 watts of a MH light?
    Ive looked everywhere for bigger growing trays and... no luck :[

    Here is a picture of my plastic tray i want to use.. and a picture of the smaller growing tray beside it... also thats my resivour in the back. take a look and let me know your thoughts please!! thanks.


    also cutting wholes into the plastic tray for drainage wholes is a problem.
    Should i heat it up a bit before drilling my wholes in it? i dont want it to crack and be ruined..
    any idea's? lemme know please
  2. Thought about drainadge? That bigger plastic one will pool water all over the place instead of draining it correctly and with an ebb and flow its hard to just tilt it for drainidge because of the placement of your fill and drain holes.

    But yea when I have drilled into those kind of plastic totes they do have a huge chance of cracking depending on where you put your holes. But if you have a drill and a bit that will make the right size hole you can just go really slow about it.

    And no it probably wont melt.
  3. Get a tray from Home Depot: its a 2'x3'x8" black plastic tray, located in the building materials section. Called a plastic mixing tub.
  4. Either of those will work, use a razor knife for he hole, score it over and over and it will be a nice clean hole.
    Watyer sitting can be fixed by adjusting the way it sits, shim all areas higher themn the drain area so all drains out....

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