Building a vaperizor

Discussion in 'General' started by 4MusH2RooM0, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Yo I am trying to spend like 50 bucks or so makeing a homemade vaporizer thats just as good as the volcanoes. Does anyon e know a guide to that would be sick. I alreadyy looked on google. I want to build a real vaperizor tho
  2. You need a computer fan, 2 rubber bands, 2 hakkos, a gatorade bottle, and a sack for the vapor... ahh fuck it, just buy a friggin vape or use a lightbulb.
  3. man 600 bucks to smoke weeed fuck that haha. I can make that shit you know where to find the design for a volcanoe bong like the copywrited design?
  4. google light bulb vaporizer, i made one and it works pretty good, may not be as good as a volcano vape, but it does the trick and it's cheap, you just need a light bulb, salt, a knife and or scissors, tape, and a 2 liter bottle, it takes about 10 minutes all together, depends how fast you work, hope this helped :wave:
  5. lightbulbs are for tweakers
  6. LOL

    50 dollars to make one...naw

    just go with classic lightbulb or buy a real one...doesnt have to be a volcano
  7. buy a vaporizer off ebay...

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