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Building a homemade roor

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dr.Banner, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. well im making it out of lab glass swiped from my school, what should i use as a bowl, homemade only, not plastic, not sockets, any ideas?
  2. Well first off, RooR is a brand, not a type of bong. And as far as the bowl goes, you would probably have to buy a glass bowl from a headshop if you are planning on using glass. And you need to get a glass drill bit the right size of the bowl stem too.
  3. i have the materials just looking for cool bowl ideas is all
  4. Well I used to use one of these for a bowl:
    It's a hose nozzle thing that makes a jet stream from the water. The good part is that the nozzle is airtight if you push whatever you are using for a stem up it. I recommend either a some-what hard rubber tube, or a metal tube if you can find one that fits.
    Oh also, it holds a LOT of weed if you pack it in good.

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  5. sockets from a socket wrench seem to work really well.

  6. lol:hello:
  7. Metal bowls = ruining the whole idea of smoking out of a glass device. Thats where the most metallic taste will be added as it gets hot, and channels the smoke through a small passage.

    Not saying it wont be a killer bong though.

    SHAME ON YOU FOR STEALING. We're already cutting funding for schools all over the place... dont make them pay another 50$ for a glass beaker. Go get a job at a fast food joint if you're still in school and save up for your own shit.
  8. Lampworking (glassblowing) takes years of experience and training. Do not attempt to do any kind of heating or molding of glass. You will end up with glass in your eyes/face/hands/trip to the hospital/I would tell you 'I told you so.'

    Seriously, please don't do that. Drilling glass can be safe if you know how to do it properly and have the proper tools.

    By the time you gather all thet tools and parts you'd need and take the time to make it, you could go to a headshop and get a bong.

    And stealing is scummy. Regardless of who it's from.
  9. My advice is to return the glass and restore the balance of your karma.
    And learn how to roll classy blunts.
  10. A mouthpice for a trumpet works pretty well.
    You still get the metalic taste in every hit though.
    You need screens for it too.
  11. karmas bullshit.
    but thats neither here nor there.

    although take his advice and return it.
    so your not a thief.
  12. get a tuba mouth peice, that will tear you up
  13. LOL homemade Roor
    WTF is Roor about it?
  14. Here's one.. use a roor.. to make a roor? wow im high and that makes no sense.
  15. you could actually buy a bowl. A cheap clear grommet style bowl will cost no more that 5 dollars.
  16. He wants a homemade bong (roor, mind you), yet is stealing the supplies from his school. Is it just me?
  17. just buy a roor
  18. school sucks... steal all you want from school just dont get caught. as for drilling a hole in glass, I did it with a regular wood drill on a sobe bottle. it took several days because i went very slow and applied verry little pressure in fear of shattering it. Wear goggles or sunglasses or something so if it does shatter, you dont end up with glass in your eye for the rest of your life.
  19. i have a job, its a flask not a beaker
  20. make one in ceramics class

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