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  1. Wuts up guys, so as the title states, I need some growbox advice. I have a pretty good idea of how its gonna turn out. Thinking of building my own automatic watering system (I've got some electronics engineering experience lol) as well as auto on/off for the lighting and ventilation systems as well. I have almost a "plant and forget" system in mind, but I know it won't turn out that way lol. Now as far as plant spacing, how far should a plant be from a wall of the box? How far from another plant? My planned dimensions are abt 24" x 36" x 48" high including soil depth, but these are just base starting points and are variable upon finding different ones of a higher efficiency. (Planning on keepin these babies under 3'6"). How deep should the soil be? Also, what's the best fertilizer and what kind of lights should I use? I'm planning on making a 'hanging light' system that is height adjustable just so I can use cfl's lol. I am open to other ideas, tho. What's the best cfl to use? Btw I'm tryin to keep things on a budget here,including electricity use. Gonna run the lights 24 hrs during early veg. I'm planning on building all gadgetry by hand. Basically I plan on using ingenuity instead of money lmao.. also, where can i get some DANK seeds for a good price from a good reputed seller? anyways, you're input is appreciated, as always. And thanks in advance guys.

    P.S. I'm also going to do a "how-to" write up as I build this box. Maybe ill get a sticky? Heh heh ill keep dreamin. But I will credit all who gave me useable advice in the end of my writeup. Thanks guys
  2. Where to start? Well, your basicly engineering a grow box..The answer to any and all engineering questions, including yours, is it depends. It depends on your desired goals. First lets start with that box size, you say 24" x 36" x 48", but you mention thats variable, but you want plant height under 3'6" .. Which dimensions are variable? Is 48" the upper limit for the possible size of the box? Keeping in mind you will lose several inches of avail height depending on which type of lighting you go with.. You sound like you want to get more on the technical side, so.... For lighting, check the various threads here for lighting charts that show loss of light at X distance (its been posted too many times do waste any more space with them) Translation, better quality buds where there is more light present.. Keep in mind you can grow good bud with CFL, but you'll have a hard time matching the harvest you'd get of a single 150W HPS... Before making a lighting decision, sit down with your electricity bill and figure out how much whatever lighting choice you make will raise the bill...Its simple math...I was about $10 off when I did the math for my box because I forgot one of the fans, and two pumps... And cost of equipment (used isnt so bad to start, you may change your mind and may not want to keep replacing new expensive stuff) Also none of your questions regarded air circulation. You need A) Air circulating within the box B) Fresh air coming in. C) Hot air blowing out. That may be a couple fans depending on your set up. One of the first mistakes people make is not taking care of air flow...How far from other plants? Your room is limited, depending on strain you may only have one or two plants in there, SCROG or LST is where you will be going. Or better yet, consider some nice LOWRYDER strains from attitude seeds in amsterdam, the plants grow short by design, so you spend less time working the girls into BONZIs.. Big Budda White Dwarf would not be a bad first grow.. Check out the journal at the end, the box is 2 feet taller, but the other dimensions are the same as yours. In that grow I noticed 150W of hps grew better bud that 200W of floro, and it was obvious after a couple days, I found 1 plant grew better in the box than two, and keeping plants short that want to be tall can be done but is a lot of work.... How to do a how to write up? Explain it like you were talking to a smart 10 year old, and most of everyone will understand and like it..
    \t G13 GIGABUD Coffin Grow - 150wHPS + 200w Floro
  3. height is variable probably about a foot taller. i dont want it to look like a grow box which is why im tryin to keep it short. electricity: don't want my roommate askin me about the jump in electricity bill lol. i just pay a flat rate for everything, and he takes care of the rest. the reason i didn't say anything regarding airflow is cuz i got that one figured out ;). im gonna have an exhaust fan pulling air through an activated carbon filter which will then pull the air through the grow box. I'm doing it this way so that if there are any leaks, they'll suck in clean air instead of blowing out hot, pot-smelling air lol. im planning on using 4 computer fans (i think thats how many i have, haven't dissassembled my old computer yet lol.) i've heard that a normal run of the mill fan moves 80 cfm, which sounds wrong, but hey, if its enough for a blazing hot processor, im sure it will be enough for a few grow lights. ill probably build a program utilizing usb to control fan speed, and in turn temperature, irrigation control, and lighting control. I have a whole electrical warehouse at my disposal for parts :)

    hopefully this turns out to be a great project, and maybe i can market it as a "greenhouse kit" lol. im gonna try to make it as professional looking as possible to avoid any "what's in that box?" lol. dont want non-pot smoking friends knowing that im growing it lol
  4. I'd like to hear more about how you go about that :) sounds like a very logical approach for someone with your resources and skills. Best of luck with your project. I wish you good results. Currently with my setup ventilation heat/smell control has been my nemesis's. Fungus gnats early on as well.
  5. Ur best bet with ventilation and smell control imo is to "suck" the air out rather than "blow" cool air in. That way if u have leaks, air is being sucked into those as well, instead of the leaks blowing out hot, pot reaking air. Also, I'd make sure that ur air filter is, of course, after your grow box and before your fan/air pump. That way any and all pot smelling air goes through the filter no matter what. As far as heat control goes, u just need to have enough airflow, which means a big enough fan, with most if not all air leaks properly sealed. The only reason for a grow box is to conceal the fact that ur growing pot, imo. a huge factor in that is smell, and to prevent smell, it needs to be leak free. Silicone caulk is probably the best solution for corner joints ( the aqaurium kind so u don't poison ur soil) and weather stripping for where your door is. Can't wait to get my write up on here lol. I'd say give it a couple weeks and u guys'll be building pro grow boxes like uve been doin it for years ;)

    now about the nutes, whats the best? how to use it? how's miracle gro? i have some and it would be nice to use what i have instead of buying more.. trying to keep this cheap lol

    and i need to be honest, i only know how to build the box, i don't know (very well) how to take care of the plant inside lol. I think i was doin good with my last grow, (also my first) until i got stoned the whole weekend and forgot to turn the lights on lol. ehh, they were just cheap bag seeds lol. nothin special. they did get about 6 inches tall in abt 2-3 weeks tho so i think i was doin alright lol. ill prolly use cfl's for the veg, then switch to HPS when i go to 12/12. that way ill get a good, strong plant, and then give it all the energy i can for flowering heh heh heh..

    also, i was pondering this idea, dunno if its any good. i'd like some advice from a pro grower.

    I was thinking about attaching a CO2 tank to my grow box to raise the CO2 levels in the box, since thats what plants breathe.. would definately need some kind of safety device on that though because i don't wanna suffocate to death while suffering every exposed mucous membrane on my body burning from the CO2. would it be at all worth it with the time it takes to grow the plant or the yield from the grow? thanks for all your help so far, guys

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