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Building a Greenhouse - For Dummies

Discussion in 'Greenhouses' started by KronicallyStond, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. I personally would like to help you out with your first Greenhouse.
    This guide is to help you save money, and save time.

    My name is Douglas, I recently made a miniature greenhouse last year scaling at a size of 4 x 4 x 6. It wasn't all that big of a greenhouse but the outcome of the plants were remarkable. I started a thread on here a year ago when I put my greenhouse up, check it out here: Click here to view the Thread.

    I made my greenhouse very cheap, under 6 hours of work. For only $100.00! A greenhouse this size can fit 6-7 plants in it.

    Here is what I did:

    1. Went to HomeDepot
    2. Bought 8 pieces of 2 x 4 (8 Feet Long)
    3. Bought Painter Plastic ( The kind to protect the floor =D )
    4. Bought Screws. ( I prefer screws over nails for this project, you don't want to split your wood!)
    5. Bought 16 ( L ) brackets. (These are to hold your walls together.)
    6. Staple Gun with Staples. (This is for the plastic.)
    7. Level (Don't you want your plants nice and straight for show? =D )
    8. Bought a Handsaw
    9. (Smaller wood than 2 x 4 for the door)
    10. Hinges and Latch

    Putting the thing together:

    1. Cut all your 2 x 4's in half so you come out with 12, 4 foot 2 x 4's.
    2. Take 4 pieces and make a square.
    3. Take your (L) brackets (4 of them) and fasten them on the wood so you have a wall.
    4. Make all the other walls so it looks like a box.
    5. Pick your entrance, take your smaller pieces of wood and make your door, door frame...
    6. Make the roof with smaller pieces of wood, connecting the two in the front and back with a piece connecting them at the top.
    7. (DON'T ATTACH THE DOOR!!!) Take the door and lay plastic on the floor and "Gift Wrap" the door, Stable the plastic nice and tight.
    8. Wrap your plastic around your greenhouse nice and tightly. Staple well.
    9.(The Roof will be the hardest to lay plastic on, this one is one you have to figure out on your own...)
    10. Ventilation... Slice two squares on each side of the door on the bottom and put chicken wire or any wire over it to keep the animals out.
    10b. Make two slices at the very top of the greenhouse in the front and back.

    Hope this helped you out, first guide I have done and I wanted to pass down what I learned to you guys.

    -Doug Funny
  2. shit i just posted something about u making a step by step in ur last years thread ..any chance you can include pics if you havent already built it....that would be great if you could
  3. can we see this model by chance

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