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  1. Yeah I already bought it. I have 30 days to return it though and I haven't opened the box. I don't understand what's wrong with that PSU tho, it might be more than I need but isn't that a good thing?

    Like I said i'm not building my pc just for gaming, and that psu was the same price as other PSUs with a lot lower wattage
  2. Well it's a lower price for a reason...

    You don't need anywhere near 1000w, and this psu might not be that great quality. If a psu is defective, it can take out literally any or all other components in your PC. It's really not something you want to skimp on.

    Ultimately it's your decision, but if I were you I'd send it back and go for Corsair.
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    Sounds logical to me man. I'm no expert by any standard, which is why I made this thread. I know there are blades on here with substantial knowledge in the computer building field, and I assume you're one of them, so I plan to take your advice to heart. I'm gonna contact newegg about returning it tomorrow, thanks for the input.

    What do you think about this one?
  4. That one looks a lot better, but from reading the reviews it seems it makes a chirping noise every once in a while. If that won't bother you, go for it.
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  6. I've heard some pretty bad things about Rosewill, but NZXT seems to have a pretty good rep for PSUs.

    Check out the warranty too, for some reason Newegg isn't working right now so I can't see either page. Don't forget to read the customer reviews also. Usually if something is high quality it will get mostly good reviews.

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