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  1. Building a box 4 feet wide 6 feet tall and dont know if i should go 18 inches thick or a little thicker like 21 inches or 24 inches... this is for moms on bottom and babies on top... my other question is im going to make it pretty air tight but i have no clue what kind of fans to use for ventilation and where i should put them... im building a 4 feet wide by 5 feet tall by 2 feet thick box right next to veg box for flowering... and i need to know where i should install the fans at in it... id like to hook it all up to a carbon filter with a vortex for smell... can someone who has built box setups please help out and inform me on what i have asked.... thanks
  2. i havnt built my flower box YET the plans are sitting infront of me but you know hot air rises so it makes sense to put the exhuast vent very close to the top and put the intake vent closer too the bottem since cold air stays low, and well you should make it 24 inches wide, and any fan really would work im gonna use 8 inch fans and some ducting to pull hot air out and away, my flower box is only for 1 plant so its 24by24 then its 36in tall.
  3. bigger is always better, you never know what you'll need the space for. i mean you could always grow more :smoke:

    if your box is 4x6x2 your looking at 48 cu ft. i think i'd check out some kind of bathroom fan... i read good things about panasonic whisper ones in one of the forums.
  4. hey valley, ive been thinking that this is the way im gonna go so could i talk u into taking a pic or scanning ur plans n posting them? that would b awesome
  5. Emperor ill send you a pm. electric your right bigger is better but then again if your just gonna grow 1 or 2 plants its best to try for smaller and more compact.

  6. wouldnt mind getting a copy of those plans my self.
  7. The 4 x 6 x either 18 or 24 inch is my veg and mom box.... i am building a seperate box 4ft wide x 6ft tall x 4ft thick for my flower box... I have a little room i want to place these boxes in a corner of in a L shape fashion utilizing two of the room walls " kinda make them look like storage boxes... Im running all fluoros in veg box for moms, clones and veg... im using a 600 wat digi for the flower box and am gonna give SOG a try... How would i go about connecting all vents etc to hook into a votex fan and carbon filter to exhaust smell and stagnant air? Right now i only have a regular reflector for 600 wat flower light but am getting a cool tube reflector and would like to hook it up to ducting for keeping heat from light down and would also like to incorporate this into my exhaust as well... so how would i go about doing all this? thanks

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