Building a "Bargain Base Box": Questions

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Zahk, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. Hey all, what's up? I just freshly got re-inspired to try and grow some ganj, came here to read up a bit and so far learned some helpful tips. I tried using the search function but for most things got irrelevant results, so I'm posting this as a kind of log/questionaire.

    So far I've been in the Absoulte Beginners forum reading up on germination and how to start a plant off. I've also read a couple different posts about making your own grow boxes. I'll tell you this, I'm eighteen and a live-at-home stoner. It's no life of luxury and even though my dad smokes I'm sure he'd not take kindly to me growing. Stealth is the key here. I've got a couple things figured out already, such as what will be the box/placement of the box. At first I was thinking my old guitar amp, but that's an awful lot of work and a small space. So I turned my attention to my dresser, it has two sides equally sized, one is empty and the other has clothes. I'd say it measures about 2.5'Dx3'Hx3.5'W. That's a massively ample space to grow in for me.

    I checked my drawers and it's a really simple layout, I unscrewed the back panel of each of the top two drawers and slid out the bottom panels. So right now the bottom drawer forms my base, which I will line with a huge black garbage bag for moisture. I was thinking of lining the dresser inside with either shiny foil or a black garbage bag, I don't really know which would be better. I'm guessing foil just because it reflects the light and then your plant gets more.

    I'm germinating eight seeds of some good merch I got yesterday, I'm not going all out until I test my setup and make sure anything can even thrive in it. But I have no idea how long germination takes because the article I read didn't mention a timespan.

    Now, like the title says, I'm aiming for bargain base here. I'm not growing to sell, I'm growing as a hobby, and a fun one at that. I don't have any grow lights laying around (don't think so, haven't checked, but I'm sure my dad'd miss them if they were). Best I can do is either a cluster of 75w condescent bulbs or at the very best a few fluorescent bulbs, but I have no idea where I'd pull those out of. Are there any hooptyass setups for the pothead teenager that's experimenting? I mean if this works out I'll definately step it up a bit, but the box is rather small and so is my budget right now.

    Next thing I'm working on is ventalation. I was thinking if I took a couple 80-120mm PC fans and had them run pretty much constantly, that I'd be set on ventalation. But how would I even convert massive amounts of outlet juice into tiny amounts of fan juice? That boggles me, because I can't saulder and I definately am lost.

    That's as far as I am. To recap:
    -Germinating eight seeds right now
    -Box started
    -Lots of questions
  2. i would first ask your dad for permission, you should never grow in someones house with out permission. You don't want the police coming in on your DAD's home because you were growing.
  3. Good call, guess I'll nix it until I can ask him.

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