Build It: Simple Cardboard 8xCFL Stealth Closet Grow

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  1. Alright thanks man. I just went out and bought a 2 foot tall pc case and im planning on growing in there. I'm still trying to figure the costs out. It would be helpful if you could tell me just about how much those cfls were and where you got them from because I happen to be limited to walking.:eek:
  2. Hey maan, I have a great alternative to the cardboard if you're interested. It's called Chloroplast. Chloroplast is the stuff that those signs on metal push stakes are made out of. (ie Election signs or for small business') Yes, its a type of plastic, but it won't melt or cause a fire with CFL's. I would NOT recommend it with MH or anything, but for your box, it should work. It retains heat quite well, it's cheap, and it comes in white! :) Just thought i'd throw my suggestion in, hope it helps. I'd love to see how your grow turns out. Good luck, keep burnin' :smoke:
  3. hey man nice set up i like the closet concealment haha. My only question is how well does that scrubber work? is that fan strong enough to really move the air through it? how are your temperatures and air circulation? im currently planning my closet grow box and i am stuck on the exhaust. i would like to use a pc fan but most say they just dont have the power to push air through a scrubber. oh and lastly what model fan is if it does work well, Thanks
  4. nice ghetto box. My current cab is a tarp and safety blankets stretched over pvc frame. This might help you out. beer can reflectors for cfl's
  5. WOW thats a cool idea, using it on my next one^^^
  6. That is a pretty good set up. I would advise not to use cardboard... too easy to catch on fire. It might cost more, but get some wood and build a better cabinet. After a while, the cardboard will start to sag from the humidity needed to grow your plants! Go to yard sales or find out when people in your area have a bulk trash day, and see if you can find an old dresser to convert to a grow box. Then you can place it right in your bedroom and it looks just like furniture.
  7. Great set up man I'm planning on growing soon and this really helps
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    one more thing to be careful about, you may want to do something to waterproof your cardboard. your humidity may cause the cardboard to 'melt' and sag, and potentially drop directly onto your electronics. be very very careful. perhaps consider some latex paint or something to seal the cardboard from the moisture, i would hate to see that thing simply fall down and start a fire. even though the temperature may not get too high, as soon as your wet cardboard touches a bare wire or're at least replacing your wardrobe if you know what i mean

    edit: didn't see wackygreendude's post. good eye :)
  10. Nice setup, I can see you put a lot of thought into it. Excellent use of materials too, this stuff can be found in the average home.
  11. Made my stomach turn once these pics loaded, ...still you gotta keep your neighborhood fire department occupied somehow,....but why must it be YOU?

    pause for a mo!...think of the shame!

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