Build a soul

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  1. If you believe you are empty, misguided, and a product/clone of the mass, how do you create the only thing you have ever believed in and the only thing you have ever wanted?
  2. procreation is the only mortal-bound way of building one.
  3. Watchu gettin at boi? You tryin to be th new yurigadasakakamaka or somethin??
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    You've worded your question to sound somewhat Deepak Chopra ish... :lol:
    I've always thought the soul is such an awkwardly undefined and, yet, important thing. I have annoyed some of my religious friends by asking questions about the soul. If indeed a soul exists, why can we not detect it leaving a dead body? And what might this soul be made of? If we were to follow the soul once it has left a dead body, could we then discover the location of heaven or hell? If another animal on earth evolved to be self conscious and equally intelligent as us, would they too have souls?

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